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  1. My SR20 Build pics inside

    Crazy set up... I love it.. Cant wait to see the results

    I have it installed in my car both are same level. So when u press to turn them both up there the same but when they drop ones lower ?
  3. Depends on how much you want to spend. I would recomend Apexi Power FC
  4. This will be interesting to see, replace the mx6 for the mazda 6
  5. 180sx Spoiler (unknown brand..meh)

    Ditch it, i think its ruining the lines of the car
  6. bumper support

    My HYBRID cooler fit perfect with the bumper support still retained
  7. Din Slot for gauges

    ive seen 3 gauge holders, not 2. I like the 3 nice set up PH11PS
  8. oil cooler mounting

    If it fits there it should be alright i cant see why not
  9. FAT GTR vs Yellow GTR

    Nice vid, FAT GTR sounds so crazy
  10. s15 boot lip yay or neh?

    I dont like it, would rather leave it shaved... Its to big n overdone
  11. fuel cap latch

    It shouldnt be that hard to replace, call jap wreckers and look in for sale section
  12. max output of t28?

    just over 200 rwkw. nice response n power output
  13. Save your time and just by a SR20DET s15. Not worth all the headaches
  14. I have always ran ELF oil, runs perfect never heard anything bad
  15. Turbo Gasket Replacement

    I think 300 - 350 is about right for what some shops would quote you. If your patient and got the tools do it yourself.