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  1. Yeh the ns forum keeps complaining about ~original tags that photobucket puts on all the picture links it spits out in original res. Sort of gave me the shits having to edit them all every time. I'll get around to fixing all the posts at some stage and transferring them over. Still plugging away slowly. Most of our time has been spent learning about how to make molds and getting into some carbon infusion stuff which is starting to yeld some cool results.
  2. hey man yeh we've been using it in the S15 for quite awhile now without any issues.Seems like the best value for money I've seen for an li car battery.
  3. I've been considering that, there is a bit of mucking around though I would get to choose exactly where my swaybar pickup is which would be awesome. Seeing as the inner pivot point is what would be lengthened I'm unsure what effects moving the castor rod inwards and outwards has. The forces on it would be ramping up heaps as it goes inwards. already have the SPL tierod ends which give some adjustability in the outer pivot point for the steering arm so leaning towards. Which I way I'm leaning towards the ikeya option and be done with it.
  4. Thanks mate Basically I need to increase track so it comes down to selling fancy part I dont need to help fund the LCA's which I need to avoid using wheel spacers.
  5. To suit S14/15. I'm going to use factory knuckles but getting different lca's with some rc adjustment in them.
  6. There has been some progress just waiting until I have some work finished to do a proper big update. Sick of just doing tiny updates which I think people are abit over. Anyone have a quality double flaring tool for 3/16" I can hire/borrow? I also have a couple of things up for sale which I need to sell to buy some other bits I need for the build. GKTECH Front billet knuckles with the factory size steering arm up for sale new never even test fitted. $600ono GKTECH Rear lower control arms $300ono new never even test fitted Nagisa Shakitto Shock Tower braces. $300ono http://www.frsport.com/Nagisa-Auto-X...3_p_12951.html Greddy FMIC kit USED was on the car before upgraded to the hypertune core in the new build. $200 Probably some more stuff when I start going through friends storage. Please PM if interested.
  7. Thanks man, hopefully chipping bigger chunks soon! =) Sent you a PM on this John. Talk soon.
  8. Another piece of the puzzle arrived this week. A delivery from Streeter which was nice. I haven't had one from him in awhile. "Side generators" from garage mak. God knows why they're called that, supposed to generate side vortexes or something maybe? Anyways the plan is to mod the front guards/side skirts and let abit of air out the back of the wheel arches behind these. This all need to start soon so we can get it finished and get the rest of the bodywork painted once the weather has cooled down abit. These being the best solution I could come up with to be somewhat of an aero improvement and that I still like the look of. They'll be changed slightly to suit what I want. Let the composite itch begin. More soon!
  9. We'll see how I go the aim for this year is get it up and running and get bugs sorted out. Thanks for the kind words. Yes come march there should be much more regular progress =)
  10. So Hypertune got my intake manifold back from the powdercoaters/anodizers. Its turned out better than I could have hoped. Really itching to get the engine bay back together to see what it all looks like coated up now. Hopefully have some more time to work on the car come march! More soon.
  11. Hi Guys, I dont have a use for my Nagisa Shakitto Shock Tower braces. The power steering tank and catch can design we're running will mean they no longer fit. They were ordered off here. http://www.frsport.com/Nagisa-Auto-XNS0070-Shakitto-Shock-Tower-Plate-S13_p_12951.html $300 to anyone whos interested in them please PM. They've only ever sat on my car for test fitting. Happy to post at buyers expense also if necessary.
  12. Its a bit dusty at the moment, hoping to find some more time for it before the end of the year and then get stuck back into it heavily early next year. Still just as hungry to get it done.
  13. So after having almost zero time to work on the car over the last few months I finally got something ticked off the list. All the exhaust gear from the manifold to the end of the dump pipe has now been coated in Hi Octane coatings titanium turbine ceramic coating. I couldn't be happier with how it has turned out and it should go a long way towards keeping under bonnet temps under control. Very keen to see how much it helps and how well it holds up. It was actually on display at the hi octane stand on the second day of wtac if anyone from here was floating around. =) Mani Rear housing, hopefully the coating in the threads doesnt cause any issues. Gate pipework complete with flex joins. Dump pipe. We decided because of where the gates join back into the dump we'd be better off welding the EGT bung onto the very begging of the front pipe. More soon!
  14. Yeh I'm using it with two though. Its about the same height as your average beer bottle so not that big really.
  15. Some more progress this week. This isnt any more complete than it was before but looks quite different when the piping isnt attached. ... Same with the water neck at the other end. Catch can is nearing completion. Two -10 fittings to be welded on and a -12 for the line from the block. Also will have a bung down the bottom for emptying it. Top down view with where a filter for the system to breath will be going. Top down view of the new power steering res. Need to get myself one of these sard caps which breaths. We borrowed one off another car to make it all line up. This is baffled inside to create a longer path for it before it heads back into the system. More soon.