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  1. Thanks man, I think alot of other cars do the same stuff its just mines been so slow and I've made it abit of a personal mission to document it all so I dont forget. Cheers, glad you enjoyed the read! Thanks, very much so!
  2. Had a few wins this week. After spending some time looking for clutch master solutions I came across a photo online of an S15 master which was actually off ebay from just japs page. I ran them and they had one in stock and were kind enough to measure it for me. Looked like it was going to solve my issue while still having the reservoir clear the lip on the firewall so I drove down and grabbed one. Win was really happy when I got it in there and it'll solve the issue with no further modification what so ever. Happy we dont have to waste any time on this now. Here is the template traced onto an off cut of 2.5mm alloy and cut out with the guillotine as far as I could. Still had to chop out the scribbled sections with the angle grinder and then clean them up with the linsher. Scolloped out the corners slightly to help it fold more easily. Chris managed to fold up all but one of the tabs for me which I did in the vice afterwards. Much like a brain teaser working out which order to fold it in so the next fold is possible. Now the re-locator block bolts on through the back side of the bracket which can then be bolted to the rail. Plastic peeled off, just needs the corners to be welded up this week and some holes/rivnuts to be put in the rail to mount it. More soon.
  3. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Genuine-Nissan-Clutch-Master-Cylinder-Assembly-Nissan-S15-SR20DET-/371061891031 Actually looks like the S15 one might be shorter also need to get my hands on one to measure.
  4. Thanks guys, not sure about the ETS hilux though. That thing is on another level all together and all done by Nigel himself I've had lots of help!
  5. Some more progress this week. Bleeder tank for the coolant system is mostly done the top just needs to be welded on. Billet speedflow head on it nice and neat. Uses preexisting threads in the tower. The old cusco brake master stopper used to mount here so we'll make another which comes off the strut brace further down the track. Basic shape of the air box folded up out of alloy. We've run into an issue cause the motor is sitting so far back in that its fouling on the plenum. Usually this would be a simple notching job but in this case its lining up with the flange of the plenum so this makes it much more of a headache. I've heard a rumor the CA18 clutch master is abit smaller. Not sure if anyone can confirm this? I need something 15mm-20mm shorter than the factory SR one which is just under 100mm long. Drew up and folded up a cardboard template for the oil filter relocation block. Should get a chance to cut it out of alloy this week and have a go at folding it up. I can then bolt the block to the box before screwing the box onto the rail. More soon!
  6. Gary's S14A.

    Test out the Xcessive Manufacturing shifter bracket when you fit it up. There is alot of flex in it which will probably be annoying when driving. I'm going to make some gussets for mine to hopefully firm it up.
  7. Nice work man bet that big roll of twill cost you a bit! Did you wet lay this?
  8. Went down to check out where the car was up to and throw in an old throttle cable so the tab for it can be welded onto the plenum chamber. All the intake and radiator piping has now been finished. Next up are the bleeder tanks, air box, intake pipe, catch can, p/steering res and mounting various other engine bay essentials. The starter and wiper motor have been put back in for clearance to other things being made/installed. The drivers side has much to go in we need to plan it out to keep it as neat as possible while not being impossible to get to anything. Pipes n stuff Going to try and keep the satin finish if we can seal it somehow. Because we were able to get the fmic core so far forward its created a lot of space in the engine bay which will make it so much easier to work on for years to come. Hypertune hand crafted bleeder tank. We were initially going to use the factory elbow off the head into a tank but the elbow itself angled down slightly meaning there was a high point for bubbles to get trapped in. This new one angles upwards to help solve that. This will have a -3 fitting on it over to the bleeder tank high up on the drivers tower to remove as much air from the system as possible. Tight fitment in here with lots of weld. Rad hardpipes complete. Engine bay is really starting to come together, should be much more complete over the next fortnight. More soon!
  9. The radiator was made to fit the spal fans/oil cooler not sure exactly how it'd fit on a factory size SR core.
  10. Thanks man. Yeh I do I made this clip of one of them from the S15 so you can see. Its already seen some street driving a track day an a dyno session with no issues, there is a surprising amount of movement in them and also pull/push. 4 degrees each clamp which means with two clamps per pipe there is considerable room to move. http://youtu.be/03eiAaN2BcI
  11. Thanks guys. Not so sure about the "weird boner" though lol.
  12. Thanks man, Hypertune import their own cores then modify them and make custom end tanks to suit your needs. But yeh its a 4" core but is still surprisingly light.
  13. Some more baby steps towards the fabrication work being completed. I picked up a new speedflow -8 fuel filter with some simple billet brackets. We'll be planning out the fuel system over the next week or two this was the last major piece needed for that to happen. Need to see where everything will fit neatly now and then look at what fittings I need to get. We're planning on running the fuel pumps sequentially though so a check valve will need to go onto the pump outlet on the second pump. Hot pipe for the FMIC tacked together. Cold pipe for the radiator now tacked together. More soon!
  14. Yeh this is a good idea we're not really happy with the front splitter though so have returned to the old version for now. Once this gets remade and we're happy with it we'll run the new splitter shape and maybe try this to add some more downforce to balance out the rear.
  15. Would be interesting to see I doubt it though on the S15 chassis the rear windscreen is probably to steep and angle to keep the air cleanly attached. Probably work better on the 180.
  16. It was already sold before it came off the car sorry man.
  17. Its been answered somewhere before but several reasons the main ones being. *Lower the weight *Lower the heat *Better angle for dump pipe *Easier access to the gates *Easier to work on in general (surprisingly)
  18. FMIC Piping and the oil cooler/radiator/shroud setup is getting close to complete now. Give a pretty accurate idea of how it will look once its done. Wiggins clamps with the front mount rubber mounted to the car and the radiator mounted now also. Piping is quite short, less volume to fill with boost. Top down view. Hot side again quite a short run down to the 6262. Spal fan/shroud combo mounted, really happy with how this has turned out and how much room is still left at the front of the motor to get in there and work on things. More soon!
  19. Nah just some random shit i found to hold it in place for now. Have some oem bolts and nuts on order for them.
  20. Things have been pretty slow this last few weeks I started stripping down the doors to be painted. Not particularly looking forward to putting them back together! Also picked up my new one piece custom tail shaft. I've heard good things about this guy and I'm really happy with how mine turned out also. Dummy bolted up. Needs to come back afew mm once the rear is properly bolted in but roughly where it'll sit. I'm going to have to remake my handbrake cable bracket for the R33 drum rears also as the old one sits to low with this larger diameter shaft under it. More soon!
  21. Thanks man, have been putting in lots of extra hours at work the last month to help pay for the next few steps. Its great when things start happening fast but it also means they need to be paid for!
  22. Cheers for the offer but this is a once in a lifetime build for me! Thanks for the nice feedback.