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  1. Stoked its progressing quickly still a fair way off done. Isn't an issue in the S15 so I dont think it will be in mine either hopefully. Probably a while after its finished need some time to iron out issues and save up for suspension. Thanks man, dont know exactly but abit yeh... so long as you don't paint the dash white, you don't get any glare really. really really have to be carefully about keeping it clean. mine's filthy, you'd really want the whole car 100% built too, mines full of grinding sparks everywhere Yeh needs a clean already after doing the outside of the car.
  2. Spent another two days on the car with a very pleasing outcome. Need to get some more shots but here is one I snapped when the body had just been finished. Need some sleep but more shots soon. =)
  3. Sooo another busy few days. Some of which involved dealing with this naaasty shit. Which brings up the roll bars like new. Then some metal etch primer on them. nfi pulling his safety squint while whizzing the interior. We paid alot more attention to areas which will be visible but everything got lots of love. The floor was basically a bare metal respray. Shot from above. Then we cleaned up any surface rust that had built up over time off the cage bars with the metal polish. This stuff smells pretty strong but brings the bars up like new ready for paint. Wheel barrowed her into the booth with three people was alot more interesting than with 5 people like the time before. We managed ok though with some extra grunting and then masked it all up. Masking And more masking Before and after shots. It kinda feels like a different car now. Really happy with how the interior turned out. Big thanks to Jimmy for painting it for me interiors are a painters worst nightmare especially with cage bars everywhere. So we left it to dry and hit up the exterior the next day masking up the interior to keep over spray and sanding dust out. Both the rear quarters blocked still needed another coat of highfill though to pick up some more blemishes. The roof had several tiny dents in it from things being rested on it which were fixed up also. Ready to be prepsoled pre highfil. First coat going on. Left to dry so we can block them again tomorrow and paint it. Starting to feel pretty excited now to see what the body will look like with its final coat. I'm really happy with how the rear quarters are looking in a uniform colour. More soon!
  4. Cheers guys, should turn up somewhere in the next few months. Lots still to go though! =)
  5. So its been a busy few days. Sunday saw myself and Jimmy smashing the entire engine bay with 320 grit paper with only pretty limited areas which could be whizzed. Whizzing just started after the GMH was laid down. The front end was removed so it didnt get flithed from the wet sanding. All the whizzing finished and well into the wet hand sanding. The whole engine bay in this state. Its pretty hard to see the difference from this picture to the other days but this is will 14 odd hours worth of work to get it to this point. Still had an hour or two to go though but we'd had enough for a Sunday. Big thanks to Nick B, Tom, Other Nick B, Jimmy and James who helped finish up the sanding mask up the engine bay and wheel barrow the whole car with no front end in it at all into the booth. Masked up ready to go with high fill sanded back with 800 grit felt super smooth and nice to touch. Basecoat getting prepped for the gun. Jimmys fancy gun. Ed Hardy much? First coat mostly down. Pew pew. Clear going down. End result was hard to capture with my crappy lens its super white though and pretty damn glossy. And again And again, the colour shows up abit more like it looks in real life from this shot. Most of the other bits laying in wait ready for some attention. Next up is the interior which is super hard and wont be very fun! More soon!
  6. We're using solvent, do you mean glasurit? I think thats a step up again in price but Jimmy isnt convinced you see the difference in the end result over standox stuff.
  7. Thanks man. =) Yeh I think Standox stuff is quality but at a point where the price and what you get for it still match. The more expensive stuff your paying heaps more for and its not noticeably better if its better at all.
  8. Spent another day prepping the engine bay and interior all the heater piping holes now permanently deleted and holes filled in with a thin skim of bog. Front ready to go. Alot more work done on the interior floor its almost finished just need to do the boot floor and then work up to the inside of the roof another few hours and it should be done. Lots of bare metal now. The depth of the line through the rear quarter changed making it look abit odd so we filled it with bog and then sanded it out again. It looks much better now. Somewhere near where the rear offset will be ending up with some more low. Dropped the front end out and wrapped it in plastic in preparation for spraying the high fill. Masked up ready to go. Metal primer cause the high fill isn't designed to stick straight to bare metal. Completed. Mostly done first coat of high fill. Multiple coats of high fill completed and left to dry. Ready for a thin coating of GMH black and much elbow grease before we can can get some colour down. More soon!
  9. Yeh its ok for me as well but I wouldn't mind going slightly lower either.
  10. Thanks man, just cause FG had the zeta III listed as fitting and the LF don't have it listed. If they fit I'll happily move to those you know of anyone running that combo?
  11. Yeh it definitely makes all the difference with progress and making it fun to do!
  12. Yeh part of me wants to just do that but it bugs me later if its not done properly. I guess a big part of the enjoyment from owning the car is having everything done realky nicely.
  13. So this car went off to bodyform for a solid 11 hours of work on Monday cause there was no room for it inside. I picked it up in the middle of the night. Big thanks to Pete fitting me in without much notice and getting it done. The end result is this a pretty subtle change but really makes the guards look a lot better than before in my opinion. You can barley call them origin guards anymore though. The line still needs Jimmy to spend some time on it. A similar lip has been put on the front guards to help tie everything together as this was something which was bugging us. This is 10.5+3 (15mm spacer) This is max low with these springs 10.5 -7 (+25mm of spacers) and is sitting about where I'd like them to end up. Garage 88 busted arse and got my Zeta III here in under a week. Its December 13 build date on it and still smells strongly of fiberglass resin. Doesn't get much fresher than that. Thanks to Dom I'll defiantly be happy dealing with these guys again. FG rails arrived at the same time. I got these for the passenger side as well can hopefully get another bride seat later on next year. Happy I went with the black happy with my choice. Need to loose a few kg to be comfy in the seat but 40degree days and sandpaper should help with this. What all of the materials required look like piled up at the same time. After having to pay for all of this I'm not sure how some places do full resprays as cheap as they do when labor still needs to be put on top of that. How the front guards turned out. Into the dirty stuff. Doors, bars, bonnet and lights off. The hatch can come off soon as well. Unleashing NFI on the interior with a buzzer. Should end up being a bare metal respray by the time hes done. Engine bay started sanding aswell. More soon!
  14. Thanks bud, there has been some part flip flopping trying to keep it to a minimum though! Should stop looking like a shit box once it gets some paint over the next few weeks.
  15. 180sx Part Out

    Keen to see what else you have in stall for this. Where'd you pick up the titanium nuts from?
  16. This might be to do with how forward the seat is on the rails? Yeh might be an idea to try them! Yeh that and maybe the mounting holes being slightly higher up the seat.
  17. I dont think you can get anything lower off the self which isn't a fixed rail? Going fixed would be lower defiantly. But yeh I cant say I dont prefer the bride I just dont prefer the price of the bride lol. I suppose they'd be a lot closer to the Sparco price if you weren't adding shipping costs for a single seat from Japan on top.
  18. So the end result is that I have a brand new Sparco Pro2000 seat which I've sat in three or four times and fitted into the car twice on two different rails. I paid $750 for the seat looking for a quick sale at $650 its still in the sparco plastic bag. New model looks like this. Please PM me if your interested.
  19. So its been a pretty epic week this week getting stuff done. Turned out my FG rails have been held up, mitch was kind enough to pull out his for me to test fit. Although the pro2000 did sit slightly lower on them my head was still to close to the bar coming along the front. So last minute I rang garage 88 to see if they had anything to sit lower. They had a bride Zeta III in stock and were kind enough to lend me their demo seat for a trial fit due to dealing with Hypertune regularly. The Zeta III isn't even a "lowmax" seat and it dropped me down a good 40-50mm lower straight away so I've ordered one which should arrive early next year from garage 88. Very happy with their service they went out of their way to be helpful and I'll defiantly be using their services again. Mitch welding on the caps I'd made up. Crazy how much more strength these little guys add to the area. Also made up this plate for the side of the rail with some steel M8 nuts welded to it for the splitter frame to mount to. Electronics rubber dampened mount miged to the dash bar. Running the 6pt Takata harness means I needed two mounts in the floor for the sub strap 100mm odd apart. Can clean these up a bit with the linisher when we're prepping the interior next week. Mitch found some time before I pulled the motor out again to tac on the gate flanges. Really happy with how this has turned out. Picked up some tube we'd ordered from Rod Andrews Racecars with a spare just in case. Decided to add in a taxi bar for the harness mounts was the neatest option. Nice and meaty. Extinguisher bracket tiged up. Was fun trying to operate the pedal for the first time while Mitch was being a contortionist and welding inside the car. Also made up some tiny plates to be welded over the rear seat belt holes in the arches. Taxi bar notched to fit. Couldn't have asked for a much better fit. Zap Surprised at how well it turned out with me operating the pedal for him under voice command. Pulling the motor out while we had the hoist on hand so the interior engine bay and body can be painted over the xmas break. The donk. Took it to the panel shop to get the passenger sil back to some sort of normal shape. CE's do a pretty good job of filling the guards at the back could sit a tiny bit further out. What it was like to start with some squish provided by a previous owner. Paint off with the whizzer. Munted Welding a bolt on and plate in different spots to attach the slide hammer. Loud. Almost back into shape. Skimmed and rubbed back. With some primer over the top. Can also see the new jacking point on the bottom which will sit much closer height to the new skirts making it alot easier to jack and get on/off hoists more easily when its lower. Big thanks to Jimmy, James and Nick who pulled a last minute Sunday morning to get the sill fixed up. Car is off to Bodyform this week for Pete to touch up afew things before we start on paint prep next week. More soon!
  20. The MCA Blues look good interesting to see how they go. We just ordered a set for a friends 180 also.
  21. I was concerned about this and checked with Yavus. Apparently they've run it like this with the same ecu and ignitor box before without any issues. I think its more the coils/leads themselves which can interfere isn't it?
  22. Some more work this week getting all the jobs done that require welding to the body. Rushing to get it done before paint. Also picked up my new morristech ignitor box from Unigroup Engineering. This will be coupled with the Denso pencil coils I got from mazworx. Fits quite nicely onto the bracket I'd already made up for other electronic dodads. Battery mount almost done just needs to be welded on the top tab. The bottom section will bolt through the floor so I'm not locked into these battery dimensions only. Battery fits in quite neatly I've yet to make the alloy strap that will go over this with a rectangle cut of it for the balance charge plug. Will also put it on a thing piece of rubber or foam to clamp it down onto for some more insulation and also to make it extra firm and stop any chance of sliding. Top down view nice and compact in the corner shouldn't interfere with the passenger seat at all or get in the way when the seat is taken in/out. Mounting the 2kg extinguisher to the rear of the tunnel. Used the step which is already there for the front mount and the rear is quite wide. So I can have more than one mounting point for other brands/sizes of extinguisher. Should look nice and serious once the rest of the interior is white and not be far from reach if its ever required. (hopefully not) More soon!
  23. Its shorter than this one so no trimming but then you get more of an arch in the shifter by shortening so much more than the factory linkage which is annoying when driving. This is a compromise somewhere in the middle.
  24. The flywheel spacer scares the hell out of me, I like my feet where they are on the end of my legs. Sweefu is correct though its not that, the front of the bell housing is machined down to take off the width of the adapter plate.