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  1. Hoping someone here will have an broken S13 motor without a damaged block that we can buy and rehone or do a mild rebore on for a side project? If you do could you please post in here or send me a PM that'd be awesome. (Preferably in Sydney so we can come check it out and pickup) Cheers!
  2. Made a mount this week for my ecu, smartwire and other electronic dodads. This will be welded onto the dash bar and line up with the ABS panel in the S15 dash. Still need to get some riv nuts to suit. Eventually I'll make up a carbon piece to bolt onto the brackets but for now a sheet of 2mm alloy will do. Next task after finishing off this is mount the coil packs in properly. Cut out and then folded up in 2mm steel. More soon!
  3. Other various pictures from the weekend and the lead up.
  4. NSCC Day this weekend heading down for some testing Pre WTAC. Cant wait to get out there again! =) Also pretty excited to see what times out last minute entries can pull. I'm guessing... fast.
  5. So other than my ECU and Racepak Dash I've been amassing all the other electronics and sensors that will be going into the car. This week my Haltec gear turned up at Hypertune after a few weeks wait. Some stock issues from the US or something. Haltech wideband sensor kit with single sensor. Racepak single EGT probe. I was looking at doing 4 in individual runners but have had to shelve that idea for now. Need the dollars spent on other essential things to get the car actually running. Flex fuel sensor. TPS to suit the Hypertune TB, Fuel Pressure and Oil Pressure sensors. In the end I took the plunge and shelled out for a Smartwire. I dont think I'll regret this need to get my head around the software now and learn how to set it all up. The main thing that tipped me over the edge is some nice fail safes for my sequential fuel pump setup. Also trying to future proof the car as much as I can and avoid upgrading things later. Nice and compact with plugs install DVD's and battery cable connection rubber cover. Two plugs for everything with 8x20amp outputs and 22x10amp outputs which can be merged with another output of the same power level into a single channel. For thermos,fuel pumps etc if need be. Vnet, switch panel and USB connections. Also has the power LED and status LED which indicates if any fuses have blown so I'll have to take this into account when mounting it so its visible without much hassle. Here is the EFI module required to convert my third party ecu data into something the IQ3(Haltec Version) can read/record and display. Also the cable to connect the other vnet sensors into the loop. Switch panel to keep all my switches nice and neat. Its slightly too wide to fit into the lower section of the S15 Dash but I'll have to work out where I can fit it in. Withing arms reach with a harness on is slightly limiting though. Apparently the LED's are programmable also even independently of the switch if you so desire also, which is kinda cool. I believe these can be daisy chained together if you ever happened to need more switches. A single unit should cover what I need though. A single cable back to the smartwire should help keep wiring clutter to a minimum behind the dash. Comes with this sticker sheet for all the basic options you'd be probably be running. Hoping to see lots of action on my engine bay in the near future. Lots of exhaust fab parts turning up from the other side of the globe sometime this week also hopefully! =D Still need to source 3 oil temp sensors will have to have a look through the motec gear for them I think. More soon!
  6. Thanks to Ved from Selectnine for this sweet shot from Mondays practice day. https://www.facebook.com/selectnine?fref=ts
  7. Nah he happened to miss 5th on that lap its not over the line yet either so would have cost a tenth or two.
  8. Well we headed down to Goulburn on Sunday night and crashed the night down there. Avoiding a really early morning for the big day ahead. JDM Yard had organised a private day which we managed to get word of (thanks Tom) and head down too. We ended up having to pull the intake manifold off again before leaving to swap out a snapped screw cap bolt in it but this happened without many dramas. We've got it down to a fine art now. Thanks to John from Unique AutoSports for loaning us his trailer at mates rates the car gets on and off this thing easily. Started off with James doing a PB of a 104 flat in the first session. During the sessions we gradually worked our way down to 1.02.8, then 1.01.7, then 1.01.5 then finally 1.01.4 in the final session. But by the final session we were consistently sub 102 on flying laps. For a first time out with this setup and an owner driver team we're pretty stoked with. The car worked with only small issues we could fix throughout the day. Oil surge was basically a non issue with the changes we'd made. The splitter survived a high speed off at turn nine with only the under side rub plates copping it hard will need to replace these before the next time out. The amount of bugs out was rather insane, maybe pest control sponsorship is in order? Thanks again to the JDM Yard team for organising this is a shot of their integra which is entered in open class. Not sure what lap times it was doing but its looking wicked quick down the main straight and through the top. Looks like the car is torque steering pretty hard making for an exciting ride! Thanks to Jono from Bilstein Racing for his tech support via mobile with suspension tweaks. This really made all the difference to our day getting the thing dialed in much better and a more comfortable setup so James could push harder. We were all blown away by the large difference some very small changes made to the car. I'm hoping I can scrape the budget abit further and get this setup for my own car based on our experiences this weekend. Incar from the lap. I have some more footage of some "moments" and gopro from the front bar again which I can go through later and post. More soon!
  9. Dropped off my VVL block at UAS for them to media blast and bring back to life. I'd never be able to get it this clean with just degreaser and a scrubber thats for sure. Solenoids could still do with some work though. I'm assuming they even work though they might need replacing but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Started doing some basic splitter layout working out the positions and shape etc. More soon.
  10. I was really happy to receive a delivery of a second hand VVL Solenoid block and valves themselves this week from Mazworx. They'd originally been left out when my motor arrived. I recently learnt they're over $500 to buy the block and solenoids new so this was a win. They can be replaced with VCT solenoids locally if they turn out to be a problem. Need to give it a good clean up. Got woken up early this morning with a delivery from the US. My 3.5" Reid washbon marman v-band flanges and clamps arrived. Some of the cheaper vband stuff we've had some issues with threads stripping etc these should hopefully solve any issues like that. Decent size threads with locking nuts so they wont vibrate loose. The marman flanges themselves, light and allow the pipe itself to locate into the other side making them seal reliably and take the force off the clamp itself. Very happy with the product and would recommend dealing with them as a company also. More soon.
  11. Yeh there are already some nice features in the making such as a boost table which checks the ethanol content of your fuel. Then only allows you to run the appropriate boost setting for that content.
  12. Yeh a lot of people look at me funny when I say I'm going to run a blackbox. I felt like it was the right decision though so I'm rolling with it the results should speak for themselves.
  13. Ordered my ECU the other week and got around to picking it up when it arrived this week from Unigroup. I'm now the owner of a Blackbox M3. The first thing that strikes me is how tiny the thing is. It comes in at 110mm x 140mm including the plugs. The mounting points are on rails in case you have to offset them to get around something. Harness plug. Map sensor and USB connection for tuning comes with a screw on cap so it doesnt get filled with crud. Harness and other goodies. Coolant temp sensor and air temp sensor. Boost control solenoid kit + switch. I was a bit skeptical at first of using one of these cause they're not really well known but my tuner swears by them. They're not super fancy in what they can do on paper but they do all the basics very well and it'll take all the sensors I wanted to the ECU. It can spit out all the info it uses over CAN Bus to the dash for alarms/logging also which was a must. Cant wait to see what it can do and how it tunes up! =) More soon!
  14. GoPro Footage from the splitter, gives a much better sense of speed than the incar footage. Its just infront of the turbo aswell so you can hear it working hard.
  15. Fitted up the dash this week so I can work out how I'll be mounting the ECU and Smartwire up also planning on making a mould for this lower dash section. The plan is to have it all one piece and then fit my switches into the face where the radio etc would normally be. Everything lines up ok so I've bough some mdf and bog to attack this piece and turn it into a plug. More soon!
  16. An issue we had at our first shakedown was a small coolant seep from the lower coolant outlet. We'd actually resealed this twice thinking it was leaking out the mating surface to the thermostat block. On closer inspection there was a tiny hairline crack in the outlet. With abit of a twist between two fingers the whole section cracked off. We were pretty happy it didnt come apart while the car was running as it would have made a big mess. Popped by SSS during the week and grabbed another S13 neck for 20 bucks. Gave it abit of a cleanup with some scotch-bright so its not as crusty. Also picked up an IACV gasket cause the other one got slightly damaged when we pulled it off to get the hairline in the runners welded up. Have another trackday lined up soon cant wait to head down to Wakefield and see what she can do. More soon!
  17. Yeh but its an 80mm system not a 90mm one or the one that suits a GTR which is totally different so would need to be chopped up and still probably wouldn't fit well. Ideally tomei would just make an S-chassis Ti 3.5" system then I'd be laughing but they dont unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  18. Yeh or thicker oil to begin with but this is still ignoring the problem that it is surging. We'll head out again soon and try it with more oil to see how it goes.
  19. Yeh I was considering buying two GTR greddy Ti systems but the cost is just getting to stupid needs to be 90mm though. I went and had a look at the SMB mufflers they're a lot better than I was expecting all tig'd up. I'm going to get a custom one of these made worked out the specs today with Mitch. So I'm getting one made up with 3.5" in and twin 2.5" out which will kick up to 2 3/4" to take titanium tails out the rear bar. Then for the track we're getting a 3.5"- 2x 2.5" collector with the ends flared up to 2 3/4" and run two bits of 70mm titanium out the back. See how it sounds if its too ugly I might put a small race muffler on instead just to take the edge off it.
  20. Sounds like an electric car compared to most of the other cars from outside! Should be better once hes comfortable and pushing abit harder though.
  21. I'd love one but they only come in 3" for s chassis which will choke the shit out of this engine.
  22. Have been doing some research on mufflers. Its pretty much looks like I need to go 3.5" and then split it to twin pipes out the back of it I haven't come across a single 3.5" inlet to twin 2.75" outlets. The three contenders are: Kakimoto: always liked their complete systems their mufflers are mad quality http://translate.google.com.au/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://www.kakimotoracing.co.jp/&prev=/search%3Fq%3DKakimoto%2BRacing%26biw%3D1393%26bih%3D838 Magnaflow this is what we have on James car seems ok. www.magnaflow.com/02product/02muffler.asp SMB I've heard good things about their volume but they look slight agricultural? http://www.smb.net.au/ovalmufflers.htm Hopefully I can sort a Kakimoto one for not stupid money and keep it JDM. =)