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  1. Hi, Currently fitting Plazmaman plenum, fuel rail, throttle body, and turbo smart fuel reg and ID1000s... and have a few minor issues. Has anyone had experience fitting a Plazmaman intake manifold. It bolts up to the lower part of he factory runners fine, but there are no provisions for throttle cable. How did you run yours and where did you mount the fixed part of the cable? It come with a remote mount block for the idle control, where is the best place to mount this? I plan to use the factory steel fuel lines, whats the best way to change the ends to JIC to fit up speed flow fittings? Any extra advise on where to place things in the engine bay would be appreciated also, eg fuel reg etc Thanks in advance, Martin
  2. Hi again, I have a JDM S14 s1 with a lot of s2 bits but on it in Japan before i got my hands on it. In the process of pulling out the A/C electrics and wiring etc. Just traced one of the wires i i planned to remove from the Digital display plug back to the cluster and it turns out it goes to the coolant temp gauge on the cluster, curious i tried to start it and it wont run, tried and it coughs and splutters like over fueling. Can anyone tell me if there is anything that the Digital climate control unit has that the ecu needs? eg is there and out put from the DCC to the ECU Thanks guys you always seem to fix my problems :0)
  3. Also want to know the answer to this from some one whos done it. I have a S1 with only drivers airbag, and i have a S2 wheel and airbag (with module in it). Trying to make it fit the clock spring prevents the wheel from going on. There isn't a module in the s1 wheel. Are these parts incompatible? Where have i gone wrong?

    Whats the best way to transfer money OS eg pay PV. Only way o know is with my westpac internet banking, but shitty exchange rate and high fee to do it. Is there a better way?
  5. Ebisu Matsuri: What did you buy and how much did it cost?

    Beside PV, where else do you guys look for modified cars in Japan to get an idea on prices? And keen to see what others have bought for what price.

    So who's going to August drift heaven? I plan on going by my self but a bit concerned about being a loner in Japan when i don't speak japanese. Is it doable by myself?
  7. **STOLEN**

    The 180 was found in Mansfield Park in someones back yard. The police didn't give too much away. They only had it 14hrs, just if these scum bags put that kind of effort into getting a real job they could walk around proud instead of watching there backs for the Police or worse one of there victims of crime. They deserve to be shot. Yeah it wasn't crashed, with the time they had it i'd say it was taken straight to there back yard and chopped up. f**k these dogs, they are a waste of oxygen.
  8. **STOLEN**

    Yeah thats her. I'm absolutely gutted. Stolen at around midnight and found at 2pm that day. They didn't take long to destroy what i have been building since i was an apprentice, i have been building this car for about 10 yrs. Every bit of work i have done myself from rebuilding the engine, to servicing. I would like to see the people who did this shot, but realisticly they will get off with a massive fine and because they have no money they wont need to pay that either. They have taken my best friend who i have had some of the best moments of my life in and dis-membered her. Nothing can bring back the devotion, time and money i have spent on this car. RIP GREY180
  9. **STOLEN**

    HI Guys. I had my 180sx stolen from out the front of my place in Brompton South Australia. rego - S144 AFG It's gun metal grey with R34gtt wheels painted black. Has an unusual rear spoiler. quite low and had a GK tech cannon exhaust. This car is my baby, i hand built the engine in my living room when i was an apprentice it took me 1 and a half years to save enough coin for the parts and machining. I love this car very much. If you see anything please let me know. PM or email me sr20det.180sx@hotmail.com Thanks guys
  10. Cheers mate i owe you a beer or 6. I was testing there and had 1 parkers 1 head lights 1 high beam and thought it was all sweet. wrong! Thanks again you where spot on.
  11. Hi Guys, My LH head light stopped working today, went to change the globe and the new globe didnt work either. Found little to no power getting to the H4 connector, traced it back a bit but still no power. Is there a common fault? I have looked at the wiring diagram but it's not the best and its a bit inaccurate. The Car is a 1991 180sx. Any help appreciated. Thanks Grey180
  12. Hi Guys, Making up a few engine bay covers, and want to make then from Carbon Fibre and Stainless Steel. I have the Stainless just dont know where to go in Adelaide to buy some Carbon Fibre, i want a solid sheet. Any one know where to get it from? Thanks Martin
  13. good news about 1/4 mile racing back in Adelaide. But i take it from the lack of information about the Motorplex that i should stop dreaming. :0(
  14. EFR turbo on Sr20det

    Photos, results??? Don't keep a guy hanging. I ended up getting the same, efr 6258 and a full race manifold, nice looking bit of gear, just need to sort out the rest of the gear now. Really keen on knowing how the fitment went, what oil and water lines you used etc. Just ordered a mazworks intake and fuel rail and some ID1000s it's all slowly coming together. What do people recommend for computers? was thinking Haltec.
  15. Hi Guys, I know this sounds like a repeat of the question asked many times before. But any new developments, it feels like it's just getting dragged out for way too long. I'm aching for a race way close to Adelaide where they can hold regular meets, I lived in Perth a few years back and went to Woop Ass Wednesdays every second week. I miss just being able to fill the car and take it to the track for some drag racing.