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  1. TUNE

    CRD know what they are doing and are pretty friendly.. worth speaking too.
  2. Best internet in Syd? (just moved)

    TPG have lousy customer service but you are paying for internet and not some person to actually help. Out in liverpool i have mates with quiet a few dropouts. I am in the inner west and get brilliant uptime. I found internode great for local links, but Lousy paths to the US.. Also used internode for web service and that sucked arse.. And that was a buisness SHDSL connection as well.
  3. iRAN

    The IRack?
  4. Contacts

    First time mine went in, I threw up in the sink.. Bet they didn't expect that.. Fine now, only advice, if they get really dry wet them before trying to peel them off.
  5. Silvia Probs

    Mine is an 1988 S13. Started from day 1, engine changed from ca to sr caused the HUD dash tacho to die, (a simply resistor later and all is good) Blown close to 30 headlight bulbs. (H3C is practially impossible to find) and they are always cheap china made. Killed fuel pump and while replacing killed the floater as well. the coils were old as. Was more a motor boat then a car. Killed diff and many sets of tyres. I dead radiator, became so brittle that the plastic at the stop snapped when i bumped it taking off the cap. Front rotor cracked, needed to upgrade to sr brakes, that also meant upgrade of the Master to one off a R33. The better ones. Broke my drivers seat, hard clutch and stock seat dont mix. snapped the main upright. Broke the Alternator support bracket, the one that holds the tensioner. still have nfi how that happened. Had practically all the bolts in front subframe come out.. all but 2 that is. that was a lucky find. Bent rear sub frame. Stocker radio on had jap FM range, that had to go. when had clutch changed, the genius's didn't insert main shaft correctly so it sheared the inside. then clutch forked snapped and clean sheered all the little bolts in the box. Had electrical issues like, hit brake pedal and it would light up the parking lights. or when the car was off, it would make the beep like the headlights were still on. Currently if i turn my headlights on, it turns the car accessories on as well. but thank god, no real rust to speak of. and the engine turns over first time everytime. oh and like most S13s, my dash is cracked to shit.
  6. State of Origin

    Weird that.. maybe cause you are a Carlton supporter (also named the blues) you actually mean to say that with affection.
  7. drift button

    I installed my button next to my Pussy Magnet.
  8. Plumb back bov pics!

    Except for your Pod and the hole in the battery tray:P
  9. Ya i know that the 14s up are 4 pot, but was talking about the master cyclinder??? do they change??
  10. re brakes MC : It depends on what ya currently have, I have s13 that was a ca (n/a) which meant the fronts were tiny.. i upgraded them to the sr ones and install the r33 MC.. worked a treat.. If yours is turbo from the showroom, you will have the big brakes and the big mc. does anyone know of differences in the brake MC for the s13K -s14 -r32 -r33?? or are they all the same part.. Good bang for buck. Steering rack bush (change to CNC alloy) really gives great response when driving.. $40 or something.. see gktech i think Bosch 040 Fuel Pump (great response feel on throttle after) (fun to change as well..) If you dont want harder but a flatter drive (less roll) you are on the money, forget coils and look at the sway bars.Whiteline adjustable ftw... Oh maybe think about changing some control arms.. no castor and camber always helps.
  11. What makes you really mad?

    Here are a few, People driving 20k under the speed limit. I drove into the m5 tunnel yesterday at 1 in the arvo, it was backed up for about 20 mins of crawling (/cry for my clutch). get into the tunnel and fancy that, no accident just f**k heads driving so slow that all the trucks have to stop and start again.. making lines behind them and causing a jam for nothing.. one guys was happy with 50 car lengths in front of him doing 55. and people wonder why traffic behind goes slow. if everyone tried a little harder to speed up then we all get home. Trucks driving in all lanes.. The amount of times i see a 3 lane road, backed up to the shit house cause 3 trucks decide to block all traffic while testing who can go faster( all though it seems to be who goes slowest). Trucks for their safety and ours should have their own lane (perhaps share with buses - Screw cyclists they deserve shit all). If they kept to the left lane unless required, congestion be dropped hard.. especially in the tunnels and morning grinds to work. Ohhh Lexus/alfa drivers, FFS, its a lexus not a SLK or a M3.. They are nice but you dont own the road and your certainly aint king shit or someone special.. There is a line, find the end of it f**kmo! My 10 cents !
  12. fto gpx

    Put the FTO in the same group as the following, Celica's 91-95 Toyota Paseo's Nissan NX /Pulsar Hyundai Excel.. Its a small 2L FWD hatch.. Its not a flagship and it certainly aint the pride and joy of Mitsu.. I looked at the FTOs some time back, 20k is what they were going for when i looked (7+ years), and thats why i passed. If you looking for a small hatch that hauls arse, Consider the starlet turbo (correct me on name probably wrong). at the end of the day, test drive it, if you like buy it, eveyone is different..
  13. Weird Steering Problem

    yeah, steering rack bush for #1 get a cnc machined one.. great bang for buck. 2. need more info on the clunking.. where from at what point how long how loud anything you can to describe. 3. Alignment/balance/ new tyres (dodgy wear or flat spots).. 4. if its not the roads, check castor rods, might drive straight but like shopping trolleys, its gets away from ya really quick.
  14. Rear brake caliper bolt

    If you need the bolts, call lincorp Automotive.. Best for genuine parts quickly and from Jpn if needed..