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  1. are these sold?
  2. Wtb tial mvs

    Wtb tial mvs Purpo is preferred No blue or red
  3. WTB Work Emotion Centre Caps

    these are a gunmetal finish pre the flat design pretty cool imo just a different look
  4. WTB Work Emotion Centre Caps

  5. WTB Work Emotion Centre Caps

  6. Hi does anyone know what rails i should be looking at for evo 9mr recaros into an s15? cant seem to find any info on the interwebs
  7. hi, i was looking for the fuel tank cap where the fuel lines attach cheers
  8. OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch TS2BD to suit SR20

    have same clutch rebuild from streeter is $480+shipping around 580 all up good deal right here
  9. hey guys has anyone done a greddy mani setup with top feed injectors? 14mm bosch injectors arent sealing at the tip for me: the hole is 15.2mm wide So im assuming the oring on the tip is meant to seal on the second descend down im using bs 203 orings which are the thickest i can go before its loose on the injector body
  10. Hi do you have the dmax/yashio style still where the indicator and reverse are smoked for s15?
  11. Sr20 400hp+ turbo kit

    sr20 95% bolt on (edit dump to suit) whats included Manifold - PowerTune (Steam pipe) turbo - Master power (T04e Brazilian made no china shit .64 rear) external waste gate (Tial 38mm) dump (3" stailness) screamer (stailness) Intake with hks pod (aluminium 3") Lines (braided/rubber) Intercooler pipe to suit greddy style fmic heat sheild Price $2100 Power atm 360hp @ 1.2bar with cams and supporting mods (fuel pump issues couldnt boost more) have made 380 @ 1.5bar with stainless manifold (powertune mani made more power and earlier) will make 400 with a minimum of 740cc inj on pump fuel and supporting mods around 1.6bar boost Kit is solid and perfect condition. im just going bigger turbo and v band willing to post
  12. sorry bringing up an old post. did you find out what was wrong? but ive got this problem in my s15 and just installed a brand new exedy clutch car gets hot clutch starts behaving strange, i replaced the clutch 3 years back and had a track event where i jumped on the burnout pad on a 40deg day and had to tow the car home as i had no clutch engagement but the following day it drove perfect
  13. fuel pump not turning on?

    took the car to an efi electrician! ecu got sent over east as there was no coilpack injector or fuelpump output recieved ecu back saying microprocessor is rooted! and is irepairable fault: just an ecu malfunction, no short or the like ah i was pissedddd now im left with what i should do about an ecu, should i change to something else? is it common for powerfcs to brick them selves?
  14. fuel pump not turning on?

    i tried putting direct power to it, and starting it up and had nothing just chugged along, but they said they had it running that way before dono whats up now as it wont start again sounds like a good idea though
  15. fuel pump not turning on?

    ok so my ecu is fried it is about a year and a half old i got it from apexi japan wtfff! now i have to replace it? they said that the ecu is putting out no signal for the fuel pump!