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  1. Is nissiansilvia a CAMS affiliated car club.

    Cool, thanks for the reply's, I was going to join the Australian Racing Drivers Club but just thought id check.
  2. I'm applying for my Lv 2 cams license and it requires me to be a member of a CAMS-affiliated car club. Is nissansilvia 1?
  3. + for Yavuz at unigroup his prices arnt to bad either
  4. Keep ringing about... Why would u want 550's when u already have the 740's. I take it u have an aftermarket ecu to run them ?
  5. Just letting the guys with a bike know (there seems to be alot more than before) that Champions are having a ride day on the 17th of November... Anyways, myself and a few of the boys from Unigroup are going to attend. Its usually $130.00 for the day but if there is a group of 6 or more its $105. We have 5 so far but if anyone was thinking about doing a track day on the motorcycle before it gets too hot you are welcome to join in a save a few dollars. Only thing is u must have full leathers to enter the track. Check it out if u like:Ride day PM me if u wanna come, and i'll fill u in.
  6. Around the $10,000 mark and then id think about the insurance costs per year...

    Whoa the daily will save me more money...
  8. What colour is your S15?

    What colors mine *Blue*
  9. When its on the road the ebc is set to 1.38 bar
  10. Daily Driver

    At the moment i'm using my 200 as my daily and in the process looking 4 a cheap 4wd as a run a round... 3K to spend and its a hard to find a decent off roader with rego in the NSW area
  11. Crush Street Racers Cars

    At least he used the word "convicted" in his statement...
  12. Stealth FX BOV

    Yep, it'll bolt... Just take the battery out and replace the FX with the standard bov using the same pipes
  13. where to mount blitz id 3

    Get some L shaped plastic and stick it with some velcro on the dash infront of ur speedo...