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  1. Yeup. Time for a 10 year reunion mix.
  2. Tracking down [MyRush]

    Welcome back ;-)
  3. There is no 'best setting.' The Poncams are manufactured to what Tomei believes to be the best all round angle by default. This however is assuming you have a completely stock engine. If you have pulled your engine apart some stage they will need to be adjusted. This is what cam gears are (mainly) used for. Get a degree wheel and look on the Tomei website; all the info you need is there.
  4. brake pad choice

    I'd start on the HC+ and work up from there. They should hold up to basic trackwork and are very streetable. The A1RMs are a great autocross pad but won't hold up to sustained circuit work. Don't try and compare the provided temperature and friction co-efficient data between brands as they are not tested by the same process. (It's a guide anyway) I've run Pmu HC+, Pmu Max900i, QFM A1RM and now Hawk DTC60.
  5. Time Attack Leader Board VIC

    Is it possible to get this time updated? Thanks!
  6. Circuit racing brake pad thread

    I wish I was as cool as you man.
  7. Circuit racing brake pad thread

    I've run both back-to-back and they are pretty similar in rotor wear and low temperature (street) use but the HC+ were easier to bed. They seem to hold up slightly longer on the track but I wouldn't say there's much in it. They are lasting a little longer for me than the HC+ did for track work. i've heard so much about them! alot of the skyline boys run them down here in SA The A1RM won't hold up to circuit use.
  8. Ok this is getting worse. Firefox just managed to download and execute code from this website and attempt to install a fake anti-virus tool. NOD32 picked it up but stuggled to remove it until I rebooted. The ONLY page open was Nissan Silvia.
  9. Track S series

    Thanks guys. Managed a 1:37.5 at Winton on the weekend. Was very happy with that considering the 30 degree ambient temperature. Hopefully there's a 1:36 in there in its current setup.
  10. Pics of mine from the weekend:
  11. Track S series

    Couple of pics of mine from the weekend:
  12. The camber control of a wishbone setup is far better than a MacPherson setup. And the amount is directly related to the difference in length of the upper and lower wishbones. The MX5's setup is a double-wishbone setup. Double A-Arm and double wishbone are the same thing.
  13. Time Attack Leader Board VIC

    Date: 21/11/2010 ns nickname: Equinox Car Make and Model: S14 Silvia Circuit Name: Winton Raceway Lap time: 1:37.544 Timing method: Natsoft Modifications Engine: GT28RS + supp Power: 210rwkw maybe (Never dynoed) Suspension: GReddy Type S, Whiteline Swaybars, Adjustable arms, Pineapples. Tyres: Kumho R-Comps Brakes: Stock R33 GTS-T with ProjectMu Max900 & RDA Rotors Other: Car weight: Full weight (1250kg?), no aero. Natsoft Link: Natsoft (I'm the Nissan Silvia one. No I'm not in an RX-7. Someone typed it in wrong ) Photos Link: Photo
  14. Yeah they are around 4-5" longer and also have a larger strut top.