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  1. tps wont put out signal..

    There was a fault with the shielded signal wire..
  2. HELP! SR20 solid lifter gapping

    This is normal! Buy over sized shims, I couldn't find any when I did it so the engine machinist ground the valve seats down to suit... DO NOT DO THIS! A valve seat fell out because of it and I had to throw the engine in the bin.. Gets shims off donny Good luck
  3. Power FC in Japanese

    no such setting for it, use another hand controller if the whole this is in jap .. or if its just the 'settings tab' thats normal to have yes/no in jap. they fixed this with the new black screen commanders
  4. Sold - $1

    Make : NISSAN Transmission : Kilometres : 130000 Price : $1 Condition : Used sold
  5. i know in an s13 theres only 2 wires u need to bridge in the engine bay so it it doesnt think ur in park.. and thats it really..
  6. there about 10-15 bucks to buy arent they?
  7. Best BBQ ribs in Adelaide...

    +1 for the hahndorf inn ribs tgi fridays was a bit of a let down tho..
  8. tps wont put out signal..

    Had the same fault code with the 25 power fc. Going to try the 26 one in another car and see if it's that but doubt it.. If the difference between earth and 5.14v isn't exactly 5v could that be the problem?
  9. rb25 using a 26 power fc. tps will not put out signal. has 5.14v (yellow) has earth (blue/black) tried 4 tps' 2 came off running cars. so not the tps itself. has continuity at all 3 wires at the ecu. cant figure out why no tps will put a signal out to the ecu. havent tried another ecu but cant see why no signal will come from the tps... anyone have any ideas? any help appriciated..
  10. i have them available for sale.. they should be available in one of my threads. pair $200 set $350
  11. found this guy on the net, he's a private guy. replaced my iphone 4 screen for 70$ near marden. think he did i phone 3's for 50 ish. definately the cheapest around neway.. 0451 635 824
  12. Stereosonics

    wtf... whats with all the haters on here...
  13. Re-regeristing

    if u dont have the old papers or the old rego sticker with details then youll have to take it through to an id check... what a world we live in...
  14. ive got 25mm and 15mm for about half wheelworx's price just messaged ya ;-)
  15. s15 speedo sensor is in the diff...