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  1. Random Picture Thread

    a little something while waiting for the moonlight cinema.
  2. Random Picture Thread

    Matboy, awesome shots as usual. You need to take a few of your set up like in the rexy shot with the red back light! im very interested to have a look. I might get off my ass and get some of my randomness to this thread.
  3. picture information

    cheers boys, im now stocked up on exif data
  4. picture information

    thanks, ill have more of a look in element and suss out Flickr. i was having a mental blank!
  5. hey, guys can you help me with recommendations for software/sites, that gives you the option to click on a picture and it gives you the option to see what the shutter, aperture and iso etc etc settings were when the picture was taken. im going around in circles atm and what im finding doesnt work too well. cheers guys
  6. Ive been looking on DWI and its looking pretty good, I know where my tax coin is going
  7. sounds good guys, thanks for the help.
  8. hey guys, Im looking upgrade and buy a canon 7D (body only) and have been looking at a couple of online stores. who have you shopped with for all your camera goods? Ive found these to be pretty cheap on topbuy.com, not sure if If i trust it but im just shopping around atm. If you have a more reliable site, please let me know. cheers
  9. just after a little help. can some recommend a few places where I could get my cusco coilovers rebuilt? thanks
  10. im one to give a thumbs up to the new flavor its doesnt have the kick of the original but its a change.
  11. so this little favor was for nothing but this... give me back my the minute of my life you took lol
  12. need some help on conversion

    if i look and find a 2nd plug a lil higher i dont know what i will do lol things are never just that simple when it comes to me. if there aint a 2nd plug then you will most prob hear from me Smooth G
  13. need some help on conversion

    yeah i got the sr loom and ecu but a plug that comes off the loom and goes up under the glove box doesnt match up due to diff plugs so a plug needs to be chopped off and spliced into another plug. see i dont know what wire goes where and thats my biggest prob and why i dont want to do it.
  14. hey guys. ive just pulled out my old ca18det from my sil and got my sr20det and put that in. what im looking for is someone who knows how to swap the wires over under the dash. has 13wires running off it and heads down to the ecu. wiring really aint my thing so if you can recommend someone who has done this before or even yourself then send a pm. cheers
  15. hey guys, well slowly been working on my sil. just pulled out my ca18det and found myself a nice 1994 black top to put in. now i hate wiring. got it all pretty much done in a the engine bay, but under the dash i have a problem. the plug that runs of the ecu and up under the glove box doesnt match up. so i will have to chop the plug off my sr loom and replace it with a correct plug which i have. but my problem is i dont know what wires match up to what and there are like 13 of them. my searching skills have let me down and i havent been able to find much to help me out with this problem. either way i will have to get someone to help me out. so guess why im here is if anyone has info or diagrams on this conversion that would be great but also does anyone know someone in adel that will come out and do this for me and has experience in this conversion so its a nice and quick job for them? PPL please help me out. cheers peeps