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  1. Random Picture Thread

    the egg drop photo is amazing dude, so crisp is it really an egg?? looks like water to get the photo linked, you need to - go to you link - right click the photo and select "large" - when photo comes up right click nd go properties - highlight the "http//:farm7.......jpg link - then insert link to "insert image" - done yayyy worked oh and its a water drop
  2. June 2011 Photography Comp

    Entering now!
  3. Random Picture Thread

    Just a quickie HDR - Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. April 2011 Voting Thread

    Damnit - missed out on my entry. Pic 8 is dope!
  5. Random Picture Thread

    just the tubes - I already can't get the focusing right, lens flipped would be crazy hard haha. used two tubes instead of three also... and an of camera flash
  6. Random Picture Thread

    Still using extension tubes - if only i didnt drop a grand at the cas last night, i could've bought such a nice lens with the money. fkn addiction Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. Random Picture Thread

    Microsoft paint? you've got to be kidding me dudeeeeeee - thats only useful for 10 year olds who like to paint random shyt Get Photoshop NOW!
  8. The random photography thread

    So.. no to the $250 mark? You might be able to get something shyt - but why bother when you'll definately wanna upgrade ASAP after that? save up a bit more, its 2 million % worth it!
  9. Random Picture Thread

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. The random photography thread

    do yourself a favour and increase that range a bit - Tamron 90mm is around $400 ...
  11. Random Picture Thread

    AHAHAH thats so epic ! off topic but on topic ... http://www.youtube.com./watch?v=JPKxbuBGM7Y&feature=related
  12. April 2011 - Monthly Photo comp

    Does Macro count?
  13. Random Picture Thread

    Easiest thing ever ... get Topaz labs suite of photoshop plugins which includes Denoise. Piss easy to use (just modify the settings to suit your needs). Available on torrents or you can buy from their website.