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  1. Panel Beaters

    Hey All, I have rear quarter damage and need a panel beater, Anyone know of anybody good? Cheers
  2. Friendly rego inspection

    So you guys suggest the place opposite Dickson Motor Registry? I think my only problem is tyres and suspension height, but i dont wanna pay for that.
  3. Selling S13

    Yeh its bullshit, they offered me a company car to compensate but I dont want a VW bug. Yeh apparently a client did complain, I am apparently a detriment to the overall appreance of the company. It was probably the sound system tho, not the car.
  4. Selling S13

    I will only install what the buyer wants, I really dont mind. I am a property manager and am not allowed to meet with clients in quote 'a done up car'.
  5. Selling S13

    Selling my S13 cause my job is gay I am not permitted to drive such a car. You can find at Thanks guys. Minor mods being completed in next couple of weeks if buyer is willing to wait. (kit installed, body painted, engine cleaned/detailed)
  6. Boost leak maybe?

    I would really like to know this aswell, my car does the same thing
  7. Strange Burning Smell... No idea what it is

    I have the same problem except I have smoke billowing out aswell, but only on idle and only when the car is over 150 degrees farenheit.
  8. Quick / Short joke thread

    So I walk up to this prostitute right and I say, "how much?" She says "for $500 i'll do whatever you want" I say "bitch, paint my house"
  9. SR20DET -> RB20DET

    I have an S13 with an RB20 conversion, there was basically no power difference, but the drive is so much smoother with the RB. The gearbox is much better too. I have never regreted the change, but then again I prefer 6 cylinders to 4.