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  1. how do i delete my profile?

    Could I have an administrator delete my profile please? I never use this site anymore. Thanks
  2. Ca running bad

    For anyones info, The main problem was the fuel pump. Initial problems were the spark plugs.
  3. CA' cooling issues

    Id go an aftermarket radiator. Theres plenty out there for 180's, they arent all that expensive. Just make sure you research a bit before buying cos some say 'triple core' when it would have restictive cores and would actually cool badly, etc etc. Thermo fans are most effective if you have a proper shroud to go with them. Otherwise the standard fan/shroud combo's prob better. Not sure on your piping idea. Generally front bars are designed with proper airflow to the radiator in mind although aftermarket ones not so sure. even if you do your pipe trick, that wont sort out cooling whilst your not driving (ie standstill) anyway, aftermaket rad is best. Also flushing out the system is a good idea.
  4. Im thinking of going the 5 stud approach as well. I'm Looking at buying the just jap conversion kit for around $500 or whateva it was. Also was going to try to chase up a set of old gtr rims to do the job in the meantime as i have a set of R33 brake calipers to go on the sil. Im thinking that surely the gtr rims will have the right offset to clear the calipers...But im yet to check to see if they are the right offset for my silvia. As much as you hope to get a brake upgrade done cheap, it'll turn out to be pretty expensive i reackon. Youve got the calipers, pads, rotors, possibly brake lines and fittings, and possibly a master cylinder (unless you dont care much for spongy brakes).
  5. Performance upgrade

    Mucking about with o2 sensors is dodgy as.
  6. g4 coilovers

    How do they compare to the HSD street ones? i was looking at either of them, but prob not the G4's now cos i thought the cusco ones i have are too stiff when they're supposedly relatively mild
  7. Wats the go? S13

    Im really busy lately i havent had much time to check anything on it yet, but might look into those suggestions on the weekend. Will measure up a few things, and swap the front rims over and see wat happens
  8. Wats the go? S13

    Yeh i kinda figured that after Justice's post. I'll do it when i have the time.
  9. Wats the go? S13

    The wheels sticking out of the guard, and the arms not bent
  10. Wats the go? S13

    ^^^Thats something ive heard of ages ago, and was nagging at my memory. Cheers for reminding me. I will have to do that at some stage, the suspension bloke said that it was like they were diffferent length arms but they arent. I dont think he measured them however, just went by eye.
  11. Wats the go? S13

    Control arms look ok. I just had it at a suspension place and he didnt notice anything out of the ordinary. I had a wheel align amongst other things, so the camber tops are setup ok. No cracks that i or the suspension place could see. And he couldnt tell me why it was out of the guard like it is. Im a little unsure of the cars history, i havent crashed into anything and i saw the rims from the previous owner who did hit a gutter, the rims were not repairable but not that bad really either
  12. Wats the go? S13

    Well the struts look pretty straight to me. The Only things i can see that would move the wheel position outwards would be the transverse link assembly (control arm), the front cross member where it joins to, the knuckle spindle, the hub (inc a spacer) or wheel offset and a bent chassis perhaps?. A bent strut would only move the top of the wheel wouldnt it (and would have to be pretty noticeably bent to move it that far), and tie rod affects toe in/out. Other than that, if the panel was sitting in a weird spot or was a weird shape it could make it look like it sits out further. But id assume that would be pretty easy to spot by eye
  13. Wats the go? S13

    Rims are the same, same offsets, etc, tyres are the same on those rims. Theres no spacers on it. A bent Steering rack? Cant check rear tyres, they're old ones thats below tread indicators And you havent gotten it checked out?