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  1. How much KU31 4 x 245/35/19 posted to Perth Thanks
  2. G'day! Just after a quote for... KU31's 2 x 205/55/16 2 x 225/50/16 And the same for KU23's if they are available in those sizes. How much shipping to 6062? Cheers!
  3. KU31 235/40/18 to 6062... x4
  4. price on KU31 4x 225/45/17 delieverd to perth 6062.. thanks
  5. 57ING S15 Spec R ADM

    what size tyres you running on the street??
  6. New GReddy Spec LS Intercoolers

    How much for JZX100 Chaser kit delivered to W.A. 6062???
  7. Car went bang!

    My car was sounding like a wrx too.... I also thought it was my coil packs too but it wasn't. It turned out to be loose wiring from the computer harness... so i pushed all the plugs back in and everything was fine! If its not ur coils it cud be faulty wiring.... Juz check and go thru everything carefully...
  8. Ok Twin turbo my SR20DET?

    Haven't you guys heard about the JUN s14 in japan, they did a twin turbo conversion with 2 trust turbos i think, its pretty old. They didn't talk about it much but i think they managed to run 9's or 10's or sumthing... i forgot, its quite awhile ago. it was the first twin turbo sr20, I also heard that the twin turbo setup they had wasn't really working well, it was more efficient to juz run 1 BIG turbo.... I'm pretty sure you guys heard of it.... i guess they didn't talk about it much becoz it didn't work so well but still managed to run 9 or 10 sec quarters
  9. 450mm intercooler 450x300x76

    nah absolute no problems! runs nicely... i'm planning to upgrade to a bigger one soon. i've been meaning to get a bigger core but it hasn't been a problem so it juz hasn't been a no.1 priority i guess, but definately getting bigger one sooner or later as i want to push the 400rwhp mark
  10. 450mm intercooler 450x300x76

    Its juz a custom bar & plate core (exact same as hybrid but in 450 form), I bought it off GCG turbos thinking it was a 600x300x76 core but that dimension was for the overall dimension including the endtanks... so it was my fault for not reading properly.... this was 3-4 years ago...
  11. 450mm intercooler 450x300x76

    I run a 450x300x76 cooler on my 180sx with stock bumper and u guys kno the stock bumper has bugger all air feedage LOL. But so far its been all good! no over heating the highest inlet temp i've read so far is in the high 30's to low 40's and thats on a very hot high 30 degree weather in WA. I run 14psi all day and sumtimes 19psi with that intercooler... i've been meaning to change to a bigger core but if its not going to change much then i mite not bother, but then again i mite change for the sake of looks, everyone likes big front mounts hehehe Plus it also depends on ur setup too... if ur going to run lots of power... then obviously u need a big cooler to get the inlet temps down..... the setup i run 300rwhp and its so far so good atm...
  12. catch can

    Yea i got mine zipped tied too!!! i'm not a dodgy guy but it was the best option! LOL I have the cusco oil catch kit for the 180sx, its made to go on the driverside suspension strut tower but its rediculously too far from lines. So i mounted it below next to the airbox hooks that slides on to the lugs... hard to explain but around that area anyway and i zipped tied it there... Looks pretty mint! lol i might try make a custom bracket so it duzn't look as dodgy HEHE Best to put it close and make sure the line coming from the rocker cover bends down into the catch can other wise ur gonna have oil trapped in between lines.... try to avoid running hoses too close to manifold or turbo....
  13. No sorry, I fukin lost it!!! soo peed off.... But I rememba the graph is smooth and drops boost between 5500-6000rpm at 1.4bar.... so hit 280rwhp about 5500rpm I soo wanted to break the 300rwhp mark lol...
  14. Yes the 2871r is a low mount turbo straight bolt on to all SR20DET but the compressor housing has a larger belmouth (3" or 4" i've forgot) so your air intake piping will have to be modified to suit. Well the car is a s15 and the mods has... PowerFC D-jetro version AVC-R EBC SS exhaust manifold full zorst wit 3" cat air filter FMIC 850cc injectors but 550cc will do bosch 044 pump but 040 will do the job sard FPR This motor still had stock cams and stock head gasket... running at 1bar of boost and 1.4bar Strangely tho running at 1.4bar of boost at top end the boost drops quite alot all the way back to 1bar, not sure why tho maybe becoz of weak actuator.... but the car made 280rwhp due the lost of boost at top end... if the boost held all the way to redline it should have atleast 320rwhp.... Also has full cusco super single clutch kit with lightened flywheel.... In 2nd gear the turbo starts spooling around 2000rpm and reaches full boost around 3000rpm at both 1bar and 1.4bar. It might be becoz the s15 SR has variable valve timing compared to the s13 that might be becoz of its good spool up, but i'm not sure if this is for sure i'm most probably be wrong... so yea...
  15. Which EBC Should I Go For?

    It depends on what u want.... the profec is simple juz set ur high and low boost settings and the way u go. But if u want sumthing more versatility the AVC-R is a good choice. Many functions, u can set the boost for each gear, boost at certain revs.... many display functions.... its really for a user who wants to fine tune their boost settings to how u want and wen u want boost to occur. Most ppl prefer the profec as its simple to use, no need to f**k around wit settings etc. and profecs are good EBC's I run the AVC-R in my car and I like it. You can set it to self learning boost, for example. You set ur desired boost setting and go for a thrashing... if the AVC-R detects that its not reaching ur desired boost setting it will put itself into self learning mode and correct and try and hold that boost setting at the same time prevent boost spike... In the end, it all depends on wat u want, if u want easy, affordable and very effective EBC go for profec! AVC-R may be a little too confusing too much features for some ppl... But once u understand it, its a very effective EBC!