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  1. buying a s14

    I know this car as a mate used to own it (was black and series 1) It has been to hell and back several times and the guy selling it had alot of personal issues with cars/parts when I used to live in brisbane... To sum it up...Becarefull...
  2. GTIR overheating

    When my turbo lines back a few years ago split because it couldnt hold pressure it used to make the temps climb up rather high (100 - 110 water temp) and after fixed this the temps drop back to 80. Your gunna have to get under the car and check for the leak though either while the system is pressureized or let the car idle to build up pressure. Coolant leaks are always hard to determine where they are from due to it would be leaking from one side of the engine, hitting the p/s rack and then running along say 20 - 30 cms till it drops off on the floor or something similar. Degreasing the engine can also help find leaks as bein coolant its goin to leave while marks all over the place when the coolant dries out.
  3. when you look at the engine from the front it is located on the left side under the inlet plenium.
  4. I got D1R's 18x9 + 15 and 18x10 + 22 on mine and it sits flush, maybe out just around 5mm
  5. sr20de cams in det

    Get the ones you want now and do the work once not twice... Its like if you paint a car... Just because the colour may not be available should you go the next one on the list till its ready... Pointless and a waste of money
  6. Timing has been done. Reset the CAS when I put the engine in as it didnt start. I highly doubt its timing issue
  7. I think its been covered?
  8. sr20det parts

    I have the CAS here I can send straight away for $125
  9. Well yeah its clear as mud but why not be a little sure? Thats why the forums here right?
  10. Fuel lines are done the right way I made sure of that tank - filter - rail - injectors - fpr - return I took the stock injectors out and put in my 550s aswell. This engine is only .8 bar atm and Ill only get it tuned for 1.2 bar and leave it at that at the end of this month
  11. Nah the power fc is still there just hasnt been retuned to suit thats all
  12. nah they will work. Iv ran several s13/14 boxes and they all just go straight in and all I never change in the speedo sensor and thats it.
  13. It feels like it but shouldnt be as the old engine reved to 7500 all day every day on 18 - 20 psi. I dunno wat it could be just yet, havnt really done much mech work to it after putting it in as its back to all standard gear including gearbox
  14. Right after the old donk of mine shat an oil pump I was far to lazy to rebuild it so I sold off the 35r and dogbox and a heap of other shit that made my car a complete fag to drive on the street... Basically I dropped in an s15 engine and turbo (jdm) and under full load from 1st to 2nd (havnt tried in other gears) it just cuts out like possibly overfueling due to the old tune still being left. THe injectors at set to 80% via pfc and I will be gettin a tune done in the next week or so on a bar as the last tune again was suited at 1.4 bar. Could the cuttin out be the cause of the injectors over fueling? Mechanically this engine is in top form and is very very solid, no ticking, rattling, clangin, bangin, vct unit is perfect nothing makes any sound in the engine bay and Id much rather keep it this way as its for sale. Let me know your thoughts brusssssssss
  15. water pump knocking

    good to hear bloke!