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  1. VVTI 1JZ SIL80

    fuel system will be: walbro in tank 2L surge tank 2 x 044 2 x -6 braid lines twin entry sard rail new type bosch indy blue's tomei fpr use a stock hardline for return tail shaft will be a 1 piece tunnel massage with a hammer SR radiator w/ thermo's full wire in wolf v500 ecu... f**k off a shit load of wiring i dont need and there isnt a budget on this build... as it just keeps adding up
  2. VVTI 1JZ SIL80

    these bad boys. best lookin swap kit i reckon
  3. VVTI 1JZ SIL80

    fitted the rear bar... sorta and put the skirts n front guard on to have a look... still waiting on rear guards to come
  4. VVTI 1JZ SIL80

    bit of an update since its been forever.... not like ive done much but heres a look so far preping the bodykit ect... 50mm rear n 40mm fronts and this is a front wheel to fill them 18x9.5 -6 and rears are 11 -5
  5. Do you know my diff? I don't...

    R33 / S14 have 29 teeth R34 / S15 have 30 teeth so goin off what years they came out u could have a close guess but its still a guess.... either get it to a shop for a look or buy blingy's diff
  6. cheers for the replies... got a while till my wheels get here so i can hunt around a bit
  7. what are the best fitting guards u can get ? i dont really wanna f**k around too much with them... basicly wanna bolt them on maybe a little bit of work will be 25mm s13 front and 50mm 180sx rear cheers
  8. bike on S15

    why dont u take a few extra bottles of water n wash the f**kin mud off ya bike
  9. ca18det 180 relay layout

  10. VVTI 1JZ SIL80

    pic looks deceiving its not that close at all.... turbo mani is from the US cant remember who made it though sorry... told them what turbo i was gonna run n they made it to suit
  11. VVTI 1JZ SIL80

    stock one had the drive by wire throttle body on it and i wanted to waste money on a nice plenum whats wrong with the drain ??
  12. VVTI 1JZ SIL80

    havent updated in a while... well anyway i got a mate in townsville to whip up me a plenum... and here it is had to move the power steering down a little and make a bracket so it would clear. but looks the good. still gotta put the indy blues and sard rail on but ill do that in the car probly
  13. VVTI 1JZ SIL80

    heres the new carbon boot for yall to see
  14. VVTI 1JZ SIL80

    these clowns are swapping the glass rob, had it all day n didnt touch it :\