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  1. Hi, Is this a silvia only event? I have a ss ute and would like to start drifting???????? nah mate this is for every one to attend doesnt matter what car you have
  2. sorry just to add what is stated above > $45 days L2NS no need to purchase club membership > ?! hey j-sx if you get a day cams it will only be valid for the day so if it has written $80 for the driver $80 for passenger and $45 for day cams then yes it will cost you $205 for the event and yes you and your passenger need helmets and long sleeve clothing to be in the car..... a good place to buy a helmet would be a motorbike shop as they have the australian standards sticker on them and you can get some cheap ones....
  3. shite looks like with the driving sports event on the tuesday CANCELLED people better get in quick or they will have to wait almost a month for a drive on skidpan
  4. DRIFT NIGHT (e-creek peanut track)

    just wondering who is coming to peanut track on saturday should be another good night out... if we get the support from the drift community we will be able to run the events cheaper and cheaper maybe the next one will be $70 per car but we need the support any way it will be a good night out
  5. 46k was raised for the hospital.. not all the cars paid.. we only were able to charge at homebush and a few cars at camden.. it was also disappointing seeing people drop their mates off outside the venue and then driving in to only pay $10... tightasses some people are fn dumb why bother going to a charity event to not give money i was one of the people to pay at camden as i missed the homebush meet and also gave extra money at the bbq to every one who didnt donate just think about if someone you knew had cancer then we will see if you care great eveny btw
  6. so how much money was raised with like 5000 cars at $10 pp should be an awsome amount for the kids
  7. just because i havent taken my match box car out of the box yet doesnt mean this is over.....can i borrow a car for the battles cos if so its on like donkeykong mofo
  8. hey 2j are you going to drive on the wet pan coz daniel and his na power wanna take you on... ca18T vs rb25na
  9. hey green pea you just pre pay bring your receipt which secures your spot on the day and then fill out your form on the day
  10. why dont you just retune the the ems for more fuel consumption
  11. last one was good hope this one is as good as long as i dont kepp poping hoses all day.... 20psi of boost cooloer pipes dont like it for some reason but got some real good quality clamps so should solve the problem
  12. eastern creek drift day

    im just interested to see if any one from newy or the coast are going to the drift day on the 26th of september
  13. does anyone have any pics or videos from saturday
  14. $50 so cheap come on get involved people last one was good to watch and talk to everyone now its time to drive cant wait for this a bit of practice before raleigh
  15. Drift Mob Motorkhana Sunday

    are you going to drive mr speed inc...... this time ill be having a go its been ages now cant wait i get the cast off tomorrow woot woot