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  1. Hi, Does anyone know the part number (or even selling) the mesh cover for the aero s15 front bar which doesn't have the holes for the fog lights.. just like the one in this pic thanks
  2. Dump pipe s15

    its pretty much up to you.. if ya willing to spend the money on a brand dump or if you want to save some in your pocket I have a tomei dump pipe.. gktech seem like something worth inquiring considering the good reviews its getting from fellow ns.com members
  3. the lighting badge on the bonnet is about $49 my friend got the copy one on ebay for $20 I reckon the genuine nissan one is better as it follow the curve of the bonnet where as the copy doesn't either way they still look the same
  4. s15 kit

    you may find this link useful http://forum.s15oc.com/showthread.php?t=2843
  5. like most other people.. their really no problems just do your usually check .. tyres, alignment, fluids, etc..
  6. indeed what looks good in a game doesn't mean it would look good in real life
  7. JDM & ADM

    if he wanted a JDM from the start and got a ADM he didn't do he homework modding it to be a JDM is pointless modding it to get more out of it is what he should be thinking.. in the end.. it wouldn't matter if its a ADM or JDM
  8. what the hell dude?? stock rims would even look better
  9. S15 Dump/front Pipe

    I had a CES dump/front.. was great until it crack around the ring at the turbo.. lasted me about 1.5yrs.. maybe a little longer now I got a Tomie dump and GReddy front pipe

    damn.. that would of suck
  11. Dents Piss Me OFF!

    I had the front of my car reverse into 3x times how the hell do people get their license?? if they can't estimate.. why can't they get out and have a look
  12. Planning to get s15

    the first advise I was ever given when my friend let me drive he s15 before I got mine was to take it easy around the corner.. first time it kick out.. it give you a rush but you'll still love it
  13. 52 mm greddy boost gauge

    sponsor can help you out if ya after a specific one I also google and found you can get some from modyourcar.com.au
  14. its already been done and the out come wasn't good learn from their mistake and don't do it
  15. 2 questions.

    yes for sydney anyways.. but you'll want to do it anyways to keep out the hot air from the engine