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  1. Need a car photographer? found a goodin'!

    How do we get in contact with this Tharaka from 'Both Hands'???
  2. Official E85 Location Thread

    Your looking at around $2/L, so yes. Ill report back on the difference between the 2, and whether or not its worth it. link fixed.
  3. Official E85 Location Thread

    Just added the following to the Opening Post Heres a trial drum of Elf's "Racing Spec E85"
  4. Official E85 Location Thread

    Are the green ones current e85 stations? ill update the 2011 stations when they are actually built and pumping e85 According to their website no http://www.unitedpetroleum.com.au/distributor-e85-locations.asp but if someone can actually go and check it out that be good
  5. Hi Guys, Recently converted the car to E85 and found it very difficult to find locations of E85. Especially when only a few servo companies even offer it. Below is a list of what i have found around Victoria. If people could add to the list ill update it weekly. Hopefully this gets stickied or something. Please keep it in the following Format. Servo Provider Suburb Address Fuel Name (any extra notes) ---------------------------------- CALTEX SPRINGVALE 154-172 SPRINGVALE RD E-Flex Import Friendly Driveway ---------------------------------- CALTEX MOUNT WAVERLY 622-626 BLACKBURN ROAD E-Flex ---------------------------------- CALTEX MOUNT MORNINGTON 841 NEPEAN HIGHWAY E-Flex ---------------------------------- CALTEX YARRA GLEN 66 BELL STREET E-Flex ---------------------------------- CALTEX CAMPBELLFIELD CNR OF 1802-1808 HUME HWY & BARRYS RD E-Flex ---------------------------------- UNITED HOPPERS CROSSING 160 Old Geelong Road ETHANOL 85 ---------------------------------- Also people have the option of having E85 Professionally Blended and refined from the below places and delivered to your doorstep. The advantages are The blend is always exactly 85% ethanol. Unlike Servos which range from 70% to 85% ethanol. Blended with 98RON unlike servos which blend with 91RON or lower Delivery Right to your doorstep. Elf Race Fuels - 20L, 50L or 200L Drums available. http://www.racefuels.com.au/fuelsForCars.asp 03) 9686 8645
  6. Big one from me this time. Tomei Type L Fuel Pressure Reg Bosch 023 Lift Fuel Pump Twin Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps 3L Surge Tank Greddy Twin Entry fuel rail SARD 1000cc Injectors Complete Braided teflon fuel lines slaming the e85 down soon =]
  7. Hey Buddy, im after a fuel reg. just wanted to clarify. The tomei Type R fuel red you have listed here, do you actually mean Type L? because i dont believe theres a Type R fuel reg from tomei. Only Type S and Type L http://www.tomei-p.co.jp/inf/pdf/133-AE.pdf price delivere to 3806
  8. Hi Mate, im after 2x Walbro GSL-392 External 255/Lh Fuel Pumps Price delievred to 3806 if available? cheers
  9. are these prices still active?
  10. Guys does anyone know that website that lists all the offsets people have on specific cars? i shoulda bookmarked it last time but forgot to do it. the site has a search function where you select the type of car you want and the website lists the offset specs of the wheels for that car. it also lists any mods they did to fit the wheels. brown background n stuff. cheers
  11. Guard roller

    i emailed and Pm'ed Athid weeks ago. still havnt heard anything. does anyone know if his still overseas?
  12. hey guys im interested in some serious flaring on my r34. approx 30mm extension. tried calling but no one picked up. i know the ads a bt old but if you guys are still doing the service please call me on 0421691338
  13. got me a pair of these bad boys Nitto NT05 335/30/19 =D