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  1. I recently installed a PDX-F4 some boston acoustic splits in the rear and teh pro60se's in the front. Im not sure if it was there from the beginning but last week I noticed that the drivers side front woofer and tweeter is considerably softer thant the passenger side. And the tweeter on the drivers side also crackles/has distortion when the volume is up(the passenger side is fine-and sounds way better/louder) The amp is wired in four channel with the fronts being run from the crossovers supplied with the pro60se's. The amp is under the drivers seat. I had a play with the connections today and think that the crossover could be to blame here. Has anyone had issues like this? Anything I should check out before I (somehow) buy 1 cross over?
  2. Keyless entry not working

    I opened all the doors one at a time and the interiror light came on for each door. I did the boot aswell. The only thing I didnt open was the bonnet. Is there anything else I can check?
  3. Keyless entry not working

    I didnt even think of that. Where abouts under the dash would I check to see if anything is unplugged? I'll check tonight, thanks mate
  4. Hey, I recently installed a stereo in my car so there was a fair bit of work invovled taking off trims and what not. But now the keyless entry is no longer working. I know that the keyless entro will not work unless everything is in its closed position, but is there a way to know what is in its closed position so i can find out what is wrong? OR is there anything you guys can suggest checking to see for problems with the central locking? I've already replaced the clicker battery. Any help would be great! Thanks
  5. Lower back pain

    Ive experimnted with the rectangular pillow in the small of my back. Well i actually just used my wallet which actuallt helped alot. I might just buy a forester though.
  6. Lower back pain

    Ahh thanks ghosty. I did my black belt grading a few weeks ago and i must have busted my back training for it, the physio said i have inflamed discs. Its not bad until i drive my car, driving it for any longer than an hour is avoided.
  7. Is anyone experiencing lower back pain from driving these cars? Anything we can do to help with driving posiiton, otherwise i may just sell the car and get something i can actually sit in as opposed to lying in.
  8. electrical estimator

    hey guys, ive been doing some work exp after my degree at this place my dad works. I was doing automation engineering and doing work for the toyota factory in altona but i got moved to another branch where they mainly do estimation. After 2 weeks i was offered a role as an electrical estimator[from the boss] with the opportunity to do some design work[id get trained and all that]. E.g instead of getting a CAD drawing of a building and quoting it, i myself would design it and quote it. I then spoke to my supervisor, and she's like "i need a fulltime estimator not an estimator/engineer". I would like to get into (electrical)building services engineering but would this move help? He wants a 2 year commitment and i dont wanna be stuck as an estimator for those 2 years. Are there any courses i can do give me a better chance?
  9. hotmail on iphone mail

    Ive searched around on the internet for a way to do it but the ones i found didnt really work. Has anyone found a way to do it? its a ....@live.com.au account if it makes a differnece. cheers
  10. i just watched trigun and hellsing, id recommend them. Even full metal panic was good
  11. integra with a s15 front

    i just threw up in my mouth
  12. Californication

    is it as good as the first season? to me the 2nd season started well but i didnt really dig it as it got on, so i stopped watching it
  13. CAD Monkey

    Ha looks like im in the right feild then
  14. people wont think all that logically if ur family is at risk
  15. Satan, God and Nuts