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    1989 R32 Gts-t M spec

    any testing done to show how much temp drop ? also do you get any kind of warranty with them ?
  2. to order do we register on your web site ? do you take paypal or bank xfer only ?
  3. CARBING RADIATOR COOLING PLATES NISSAN SKYLINE R32 GTS/GTR are you 100% certain that these fit gts aswell as gtr ? EVERY other brand i have ever seen are for gtr only, and gtr part does NOT fit the gts. however if you have a seperate part for gts please let me know as i would like to order
  4. this is gunna hurt . . . postage for R32 gtst N1 GTR front bar ? also do u do the N1 bootlip ?
  5. can you please PM me details of any adjustable coilovers for R32
  6. Specials

    price on the r32gtst coilovers, and what brand ?? also what adjustments and spring rates ?
  7. Save up to 20% on your FUEL!

    lol your getting flamed for what appears to consumers as something immoral and for lack of better words a con, regardless of if thats true.
  8. Save up to 20% on your FUEL!

    lol I'm not trying to be hatefull, and my last post may have seemed that way, sorry, but honestly . . . TAIPEI MEDICAL UNI ??? "Today Dr. Lee Yeung Huk announced while completing neurosurgery on a 93 year old turtle out of his cousins home based dentistry clinic that MOLETECH will save you fuel !"
  9. Save up to 20% on your FUEL!

    So instead of believing the independent scientific testing, your suggesting we believe the manufacturer, the manufacturers own testing, canning council and today tonight ? I used to go to modyourcar.com, lol
  10. Project Mu Pure Plus 6 Rotor Special

    Hi, They are $450 for the pair so if you wanted to do the whole car it would be $900 Cheers -Nathan thought so, thanks for clearing
  11. Project Mu Pure Plus 6 Rotor Special

    $450 per rotor (x4 = $1800 a set) or $450 for front + $450 for back, $900 a set ?