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  1. Not happy about that , I'm gonna fight to have it opened again. Use this thread for now lads and I'll see what I can do. Sick of having no epl to watch can't wait for next month! or even the pre season tours will do me !!
  2. Sa active members role call

    Breaks my heart seeing NS this dead... I used to spend hours apon hours on this site having a laugh etc. Kids just don't do forums these days... such a shame...
  3. Wiring for Sr20de to Sr20det

    Here we go man.. http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=463496
  4. The Football Thread Continued

    Rashford? How's this kid eh.
  5. The Football Thread Continued

    What a busy fucking week. I get day off tomoz yaaaaaay, lookin forward to watching some football later
  6. New engine for 180sx

    5k for a fresh 2J is decent .
  7. The Football Thread Continued

    WE WON A GAME! And Rooney scored !
  8. The Football Thread Continued

    hahaha the dutch twat is crack up.. all I wan tfor xmas is a new manager... we can't give this cunt more money... Merry Christmas andrew. Hope you had a good day.
  9. The Football Thread Continued

    videos haven't been embedding for a while Ive noticed...
  10. The Football Thread Continued

    That's one of the best Ive seen !!!! Good work !!!!
  11. The Football Thread Continued

    That's what I hate the most !!!!! I want a manger who is gonna get up and stomp around in the box barking orders !! Motivate some players ffs!!
  12. The Football Thread Continued

    What a shambles it is... He's lost the players for sure. WE ARE SHITTE. What a fucking team he put out eh, more then half of them were the reserves / U21's... what a joke, Mc Nair rubbish. Jackson Rubbish, Blind Not a CB. Varela meh. Lingard ok, Memphis ok but not great. Carrick good. Martial good but missed a hat full. Mata Missing . If anyone sees him let United know please. Periera ok I guess. DDG mistake for once - top bin from a corner. Who else ? LVG taking of McNair with 5 minutes left for FUCKING JONES..while we're down 2-1 to bournemouth. are you mental? What's he gonna do ? We lack SERIOUS quality. You look at the bench.. Not one. NOT ONE of these players is capable of coming on and changing a game . 250M quid spend and playing a U21 side in the prem... and losing 2-1 to Bournemouth... should of been sacked before he even got on the coach back home, find ya own way home mate. You've done enough. He's lost it . Seriously lost it. He takes off Who ever was keeper for Holland in the world cup for Krul, and he saves a pen, we all thought he was a genius.. but as it turns out it was nothing but dumb luck. The old fool isn't a genius.. He's out of touch.. I can't stand watching him playing our players of of position every fucking game.. he would rather try and make himself look 'clever' by playing people of of position all the time.. the last time he got it right was EVERTON... since then, square fucking pegs... #LVGOUT. He's done a manager. Bring in Pep or Carlo and watch us win everything again.
  13. The Football Thread Continued

    MR Vardy does it eh..
  14. The Football Thread Continued

    teh smaller screen is black now but when they were live it wasn't ... and you can move that window around like skype... can't resize it tho... damn it.
  15. The Football Thread Continued

    Can watch all the games... Ive got the madrid game on now, and you can have 2 game up at once..
  16. The Football Thread Continued

    Its pretty good ...HD Why doesn't this c*nt get up and say something to his players for once... Im sick of this football
  17. The Football Thread Continued

    hmmmm . Ive got beIN cranking at the moment...
  18. The Football Thread Continued

    I don't have to work tomoz and realized we are playing at 6:15am . nice... have you got that f**king beIN sports ? might have to get a months worth and see what it's like
  19. why won't my 180 make reasonable power?

    I 'd say the cat has shit itself if it's rattling... punch out the guts and go again, decat pipe or time for a new cat.
  20. The Football Thread Continued

    Yeah I was buzzing , Basti was going off too, love seeing that. Sure does, about Rooney, Just wish Martial wasn't injured so we could take advantage of it... and when Jones went off went to 3 at the back again...
  21. The Football Thread Continued

    That was a decent win !! Memphis with a decent Volley and BASTI !!!