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  1. sweet as 8:30pm then ill bring lanyards n whatever stickers i got left lol
  2. aiight keep us all posted, if we dont get enough cars to come down well postpone
  3. i used to go ghost hunting in school days lol, go around graveyards and "haunted" places but never anything worth mentionin. its freaky just being in some places sometimes though. has a wierd energy. thats where the ghosts are at most likely
  4. Spraypainters in Sydney

    howd you go with those quotes OP
  5. lol in the car. hmm just make it 8:30pm then?
  6. yeah this tuesday..can everyone make it or should we postpone?
  7. Tuesday next week. see if you can make it. bring a ghost for andy lol
  8. http://nissansilvia.com.au/forums/index.php?showtopic=522741
  9. Hopefully we can get more cars down and start building the mid week scene again. Say 8pm? @ Reading Auburn or we could go to ANZ and grab some pics down there. anyways let me know if anyone is keen and well go head with it.
  10. lol no offence. but yeah ns.com fellas are worth coming down to for me personally cause we post and talk shiet lol. ill try to get team s15 to come down to our midweek meet as well. ill post up something today. Tuesday 8pm, should we do ANZ stadium and we can cruise it to another location if we dont like it? be good to get some nice shots there
  11. Spraypainters in Sydney

    if you can find a backyard job who does good jobs then do it, but otherwise, man just bite the bullet and pay the extra 50-100 bucks and get it done properly. too many times ive heard of ppl trying to get the cheapest possible and even though they paint the car, most cases they dont turn out like a proper paint job. my opinion anyways
  12. im not going to that meet lol. you guys can go. im just gonna stick to my ns.com mid meets. no time to play but can make time for you fellas
  13. ahh i see who did it. a mod who has praise in his signature lol. go back to Victoria and concentrate and bringin it back to life like we are doing here champ