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  1. Price : $40 Condition : Used S15 Shifter, no knob, $40 S15 Radiator Fan ok minor crack but fine to use came off spare motor $30 Pick up or post available sms for pictures if needed,
  2. Hks 50mm Gate Used - $150

    Price : $150 Condition : Used Im selling a HKS/GREDDY 50mm Gate was on a car until defected lucky if 10k comes with screamer pipe, Previously mounted on SR20, Priced to sell $150
  3. If anyone can hook me up with Ethans number or details that would be great as I really need to contact him inbox me if you can help me out, Cheers
  4. Shootings & General Crime in NSW!

    45 shootings and not a death? weak
  5. Your latest mod? Whats new?

    I haven't posted for awhile... Latest thing going in an S15 (Borris) I picked up back in june
  6. My RB26 S15

    I really like this it is done well, everyone has a different theory on the mounts and tailshaft, currently putting a 30/26 into a S15 with a big stupid single... ha ha
  7. Much better colour car will look totally different!! You have the worst luck with wheels!
  8. best event all year it was so sick
  9. Buying S15, what to look out for?

    Dont pay anymore than 15-16k for a stock one and just get excited and buy some parts for it
  10. NSW 2 DAY DRIFT MATSURI---Nov 26 & 27

    yay 4.5km from my house
  11. 18-19 i basically lived between home my mates and the pub i worked at, 21 moved in with the missus bought a house at 22... im now 24, she kept the house and i moved home... ( Imagine crashing an uninsured 34 GTR thats what it cost me) I could never go into debt for a car worst idea ever i learnt that at a young age thank baby jesus
  12. Arbolinos white 180 got stripped for a cage and well has been hanging out ever since h The gatorz S15 is now a street car in WA
  13. Why oh why...

    you think anything with wheels in the guards looks good but i bet
  14. Discuss your civilised drift thoughts

    oh you realised that was directed at you? go you