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  1. s15 exhaust on s14

    It will stick in and like my car u will have a black bumper in no time
  2. yes it will but it a bit short, my stock rear bumper goes all black
  3. tein basic coilovers

    hows the handling on the tein basic coils?
  4. z32 vs q45

    + most tuners have maps based on z32 afm.....turns out cheaper
  5. Hi guys, i need a place to get my s15 standard injectors clean and test flowed? Any suggestions? Prices? Prefer SE suburbs Cheers, Yon
  6. Jesse Streeter

    +1 for Streeter for parts!!! Both parcels arrive in a week
  7. Tax Return 08

    cent per kms method = 5000 *.61 = $3050
  8. mods to do b4 a tune

    got for it.....don't waste your money on a t28bb.... u already got a t28 in the car. Saving your money for the GTRS
  9. Has anyone here used Legal Aid in Court?

    scottie, do you mean mk lawyers or Mw lawyers?
  10. f**ken Dodgey Mechanics!@$

    Pm please, cheers
  11. Silk Road Coil Overs VS HSD

    1850 thats dirt cheap, where from?
  12. need a set of s15 injectors asap

    what state are you from?