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  1. ahhhh...sweeet thanx heapxxxxxxxx
  2. hey guys..im from melbourne driving to adelaide for a mate's wedding this w/e the wedding is goin to b held in hindmarsh... jus want to know if anyone can recommended hotels/apartments i should stay in...either in adelaide or a sumwhere near hindmarsh? thanx
  3. Drinks @ the Knot, This thursday!

    hahaha..yupyup..i was there... hey i aint weak~! i wanted to stay...but yeah..the other gals had work the next day so couldnt...
  4. Drinks @ the Knot, This thursday!

    What do you mean ichigo was wicked huh?! HUH??? Wai... looks like you're getting POPULAAAAAAAAAR... definitely going to have to drag you out to the eastside parties! hey im down~! u know me...loveeeeeeeeee to party...hahaha
  5. Drinks @ the Knot, This thursday!

    LOL.hey ryan~! hahahah...sigh...so i really look tat old? at least u thought i looked young...lol
  6. Drinks @ the Knot, This thursday!

    that guy was a fag. thebeer was good though. who wasmaking me skull ? f**k i was rotten. good night guys ! nice to meet u wai. HI 5 Hi5 back~! lol...hey~! it was great meetin everyone last nite... too bad we had to leave early...mayb next time eh?
  7. Did Anyone See This On The News Last Night?

    R.I.P to the deceased..
  8. sigh...got work all weekend...so no partyin for me

    s15 get about 500-550km per tank...
  10. love above and beyond met them last time they came to melb...lovely boys... awesome tracks...

    water is the best...dun even really drink tat much soft drinks..
  12. dried stuff

    ^^^^ LOL