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  1. redtop sr20det into s14

    I didnt think it was illegal to put a red top in place of the vct SR? Its a road car so i would rather keep it 'legal'. Locky what do you mean set up s13 motor? I want to go SR, i like the feel of the s chassis with them as nissan intended
  2. redtop sr20det into s14

    It had a rb25det in it.. bought the car with no motor no box
  3. Hey guys as the title states im looking at putting a redtop sr20det into my s14. Is there much difference between the loom or is it plug and play essentially.. I did a search and found no useful info on this subject. I want to know if it is worth the effort? cheers
  4. Price : $100 Condition : Used EVERYTHING OUT AND READY TO GO!!! LETS DO THIS REGOLYF COME AT ME! Non Rolling Shell with all glass, doors, boot, uncracked dash - $400 5 Stud setup from s15 -$500 Kazama Rear Toe Arms - had probably 3 track days max - $100 Ikeya Formula Rear Upper Control Arms - $150 Non Hicas Cradle with cusco cradle bushes- $200 Nismo R200 2 Way Diff - $750 5 Bolt Driveshafts - $150 Uknown Branded Jap Castor Rods - $100 Full Body kit needs some love (180 BN Front and Sides, 326 Silvia Rear Bar) - $250 Front SR20 Engine Crossmember - $50 SARD fuel regulator - $50 Power FC D Jetro suit S13 Red Top with air temp sensor and hand controller - $800 Header Tank setup for coolant system - $50 3" Exhaust from Cat back, no mufflers with a cannon on the back- $120 5" Defi Tacho White Face - $400 S15 silvia/200sx vertex body kit in pewter. Few cracks here and there $450 S15 silvia/200sx front guards in pewter silver - $350 Ross - 0421 869 037 Jimmy - 0405 160 740 Northside of Brisbane
  5. cam gears moved:(

    thank u so much guys. big help
  6. cam gears moved:(

    thanks mate, yeh i know i was meant to set it to tdc, i was lazy and did not think it would move on me so to re set the head ,intake valves just opening and exhaust valves closed on no1 cyl? is the correct way to re align cyl head? never had to re align before
  7. hey guys, ca18de changing head gasket, removed timing belt off the cam gears, marked it but did not bother to set it too tdc. cam gears moved when i pulled the belt off! if i lose my timing is it hard to reset it?? is th ca a free spinning motor internally or does it hit piston to valve if timing is wrong? cheers in advance
  8. ebay silicone

    sweet they sound good. any one know the thickness of these heater / coolant hoses? how many ply in stiching?
  9. hey guys i am lookin to get some new silicone hoses for ca18det. not the radiator ones but the coolant/heater core ones, basically all the small hoses. asi performance ? on ebay have a kit in three choices of colour. i was wondering who has used them or similar brands. the price is good. has any one had problems with them? cheers jimmy
  10. thank you heaps guys very helpfull advice. i tried using a different cluster to see if that fixed it with no luck i not too sure what u mean what part am i meant to push on?
  11. hey guys my heads up display is not working and cluster is not lighting up what controls dash lights and hud illumination on s13s?.. are these things more trouble than they r worth? is there any one who has had or knows of any one who has experience with them ?
  12. ka24 engine

    hahah well i guess everyones opinion seems fairly consistant i heard they are just low reving
  13. hey guys just a random question has any one ever done a ka24 engine conv to their silvia? what is it like do these motors take well to turbo charging? how much boost can they take before they break
  14. MY 180sx REBIRTH

    the car looks soo good already if i was u i would not change it, but i guess u must be bored of how its looks haha
  15. S13 REVERSE ?

    lol this is crazy hahaha mine was auto and continued to make that noise it drove me crazyy so one day i ripped it out and repeatedly ran over it with my car