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  1. Dynamat

    Don't be lazy Saj, come by mine and we'll do it ourselves man.
  2. would the rails fit a bridge Cuga? need a rail which is the same as the bride rx rails. can you pm me price delivered to NSW 2168 if you have the rail that suits
  3. IDA D-Day Wakefield Park 9th April 2012

    Enter the S14 I might, it's been so long since the last drift day. which car you bringing out Eiji?
  4. IDA D-Day Wakefield Park 9th April 2012

    might come and watch...
  5. delete

    yippee ki yay
  6. you'll be fine, I drive my s14 down there all the time to go fishing and the roads seem to be fine.
  7. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    sick build.... love the honda motor in the s13, something really different
  8. all done, ended up cutting the plugs off and crimping them together. thanks for the info
  9. Hi guys just got myself a jdm s14a front bar and just wondering if anyone could help me on how the blinkers should be wired up as the blinkers seem to have a different plug to the ones on the adm s14a and dont fit... Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance cheers Daniel
  10. Latest Offering

    how much for tie rod and tie rod ends delivered to NSW 2168?
  11. Thirsty 180SX-X S13

    As Nebz said, i had a similar issue in my old s13 kept drinking fuel. ended up being the 02 sensor, try changing that
  12. Local PARTS for sale

    ebc sold yet?
  13. 8-14 days from japan which car please? for s14 what seat rail type is it and how much?
  14. do you have a bride drivers side rail to suit a bride cuga? if so how much?