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  1. s13 1via

    Kris i finallly made it out to track and u werent there lol. its been +T the whole time still havent put the other motor in. gear box is on its last legs (syncros) so it will be gettin done soon. paint scheme was painters idea. i wanted two tone but didnt want the usual black roof ect and he came back with that. i payed to cover paint costs and got free labour to do the work.
  2. s13 1via

    filling in some time so i thought i would up load some pics of the 1via. i bought it as a red silvia manual non turbo with 17s. everything else was stock. bought some cheap coil overs, h/duty clutch and put a exhaust on it and had some fun as a n/a warrior for a while. started to slowly to collect parts for a de+T conversion. took some time off work and ended up being there for 3 days doing to conversion. conversion was t25g, standard exhaust, intercooler, det injectors, 040 fuel pump, tapped block, oil feed from sandwhich plate, water from heater lines all running off stock de computer. dynoed at 108kw with a/f around 10:1 (no i didnt get good mileage ) i was happy with that for a while and then i added 3' exhaust, fmic, safc, air filter and tuned it using a wide band O2 sensor and laptop. dynoed then to check our selves and made 162kw on 12 psi with a/f around 12.5. it stayed like this for a while untill the drift bug hit and i spent more money. engine: sr20de+T, t25g, 3' exhaust hi flow cat, 040 f/pump, alloy rad, falcon thermo fans, 450x300 intercooler (rad moved back, ic where rad is normally) 2' hot side piping and 2.5 cold side, full DET wiring loom, coil packs, pod, npc brass button clutch.... probs more butcant remeber suspension and co: camber arms, caster arms, toe arms, pineapples, gktech lock spacers and steering bush, gtr rear sway bar, random jap front sway bar, greddy type-s coil overs (8kg f 6kg r) strut braces front and rear, n13 pulsar import rack ends (thicker shaft then s13 and cheaper then 32) polyurathane steering rack bushes, link pin bushes, w/a settings are set up for archy, veliside andrews 17x9 (f) with 30mm spacers and 17x10 ®. brisgestone tires (f) and what ever rear. various pairs for "fun" 5 stud rear, 4 stud front, 1.5w lsd, slotted rotors all around, green stuff pads ® and cant remeber front pads. exterior/interior: 1via conversion (sr20 bar) nissan rear pods and side skirts (skirts not fitted yet) custom paint by PRIME PAINT. oil psi, water temp, a/f ratio and boost guages, drift digital fan controller, carbon fibre g/knob, average stero, a/market steering wheel, drift button and moodified h/break surrond so it dosent get jammed when ripped up! parts awaiting install: red top DET motor, new g/box, bride fixed back d/seat, stepper motor guages (cant remeber brand) rocker stopers, greddy type r bov (plumb back) car will be pulled off the road for g/box and motor swap soon and then ill sort out wheat turbo set up to go. chasing responsive 300hp so probs usual 28rs, 550s, cams and tune. thanx for the pics of the car from people, i dont have any enfine bay pics cause its pretty messy atm, ill post them uyp once motor is in... oh and thanks PBA (pink bit auto) for the support/help/prac nites and ben from prime paint for paint steven
  3. SR20DE+T s13 Build Up <---

    ive had my +t for 2 years now and its the best thing ive ever done to the car. it cost me less then $1000 to do in the begining and around 4 days to have it running. that was all standard parts... det injectors, stock smic, stock dump, stock front pipe, stock turbo, oil feed from sandwich plate, block drilled, water lines, bosch intank pump. i didnt run my safc in the beginning and had 109kw@wheels on 6 psi with air fuels around 10.5:1. i then put a full exhaust, fmic, 14psi and it leaned out above 5000rpm. had it dynoed at 164kw@wheels. i then put the safc in and home tuned it (wideband oxygen sensor in exhaust, laptop threw serial port for computer) and brought a/f's to 12.5:1. i havent had it dynoed since then. ive got a t28, s15 injectors and need to source a z32 and hopefully have around 190kw@wheels then. the best thing though is the torque, every one loves it.
  4. long story short mad.gif ... best friends birthday friday wrong number tickets supplied to us and can not will not miss out on his birthday. i am chasing 2 tickets, please call me on 0403 413 672 if u have some spare
  5. long story short ... best friends birthday friday wrong number tickets supplied to us and can not will not miss out on his birthday. i am chasing 2 tickets, please call me on 0403 413 672 if u have some spare
  6. For all you myspace lovers...

    no shi7 i know on of the people on his top friends went to school with him muha ha ha
  7. Soundwave Brisbane

    had mine since 1st release pretty much stage 4 the whole day.... with kill switch as last act no spares
  8. Mobile Phone shots

    q1 at the gold coast 47 floors up at night - shitty v3 q1 during the day first time being pulled over in 22 months, driving unsafe car, 3 points $150 fine - nokia n73??? glass at empire in the valley - n95 n95 2.2lt mazda fe2 at 20 psi threw a t3/t4 lasted 9 months of hell, died at 3/4qtr track at willow bank - n95 trip to straddie with the boys - n95 good char concert, i was on other end of the stage - n95 way down to coast classic plates, bit blurry as we were driving - n95
  9. sr20de+t conversion

    ive done it but please search b4 hand.... im running t25g, stock exhuast manifold, just jap fmic, pod, det stock injectors, 3" turbo back exhaust its running off the stock de computer but im also running a safc to clean up the mixtures ( i had a flat spot b4 the safc was installed) i also upgraded the fuel pump to a bosch 040 intank oil feed line i used a sandwich plate at oil filter and ran a braided line to the turbo, i couldnt t piece the oil psi switch because of the fitting on the end of the feed line, water lines im using rubber heater hose with brass fittings tapped into the heater core lines youll also need the rubber intake pipe that goes from turbo the afm i think thats it off the top of my head when i 1st did the conversion it was pretty much all standard det gear on a de motor, it was dynoed at 108kw on 6 psi 3 weeks after the conversion air/fuel was extremly rich at 9:1, couple of months later with a fmic and 13psi made 155kw with air/fuel still around 9:1, ive since put the safc in and have a turbo back 3" exhaust but still havent been on a dyno since then, its been turbo'd since may this year and has had a "rough" life and still hasnt missed a beat, drive it to and from work every day
  10. fmic help!

    larger one is stock bov returnn and vaccum line is connected to wastegate, block the larger one some how, turbo smart make a product that would work boost signal i took off my throttle body
  11. i want to +t my sr20de

    im still using the de computer with det injectors over fuels a bit but i r8uns fine has been for the last 6 or so months, im runnin 13 psi though a 25g but am upgrading the 28 in the nest week or so, with 13 psi fmic stock front pipe dump cat crappy 3" cat back det injectors pod i made 205 hp @ the wheels and the puzzled look on peoples faces when they try to work out why a turbo'd motor has a dizzy.. priceless
  12. CA18DE+T Owners

    there is a suzuki serria (little 4wd thing) that was running a super charged ca18, mine is a sr +T so i cant help u much with the ca type of thing
  13. im runnin 2 extra shims in mine and the shims add up to just over 3mm it is pretty much locked chrips round corners and feels like a locker u - turns equal 3 pointers now kinda giving me the shits but when you have some fun i found it alot better than my single extra shim that was in my last diff before this one. cost me under 20 to do it with out including new oil, but i put new oil in
  14. If you lose you license...

    i went on probation instead of losing it. learnt to drive like a old grandma lasted 14 months now with out losing a point and i have got my 4 points back, but if u go and lose ur liscence you add that time onto when u can go on to ur opens, but if u lose points on ur probation u then loose ur liscence 4 6 months correct me if im wrong
  15. zoom

    apart from the tech info, what other info do you want? as str8e180 said about the super charged v8 in the rail that had a billet block that would have to be one of the better reads out of a mag, with all the biuld up pics and a actual story of how the car happened, in the new issue there is a cosworth powered escort there is 3 paragraphs to the story the rest is pictures i like the new layout just not the articles