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  1. Matsuri yesterday was awesome had no dramas at all and they also removed 90% of the tyres so i took advantage of that and tried some different lines and used a lot of flicks and munjis for something different instead of but drags
  2. Will be lowering it bro just needa get some new rear coilys that are capable of it haha sticking with this tyre as I get them cheap cheap! I got a wheel alignment today which brought the negative camber in the rear back to 0 so it has more tyre near guard which looks better
  3. Picked up some mint genuine aero skirts to go with the bar all I need now is roof and boot lip then its paint time But in the meantime its matsuri in a weeks time Pic of skirts !! Oh yeah I also got a mate to mirror tint my windows as ya can see in the pics
  4. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    sounds sweet man driving is looking heaps smooth now
  5. r32 windshield replacement

    complete windscreens is cheapest my bro works there and might do a cashy?
  6. the rear garnish just needed adjusting down a bit one side mate never bothered me haha was all original beaver panel etc no damage what so ever
  7. i really hope so man i would be friggen pissed of if it gets ruined!!
  8. PS13 drifter/streeter

    Awesome man gonna be a neat package when its all back together!
  9. cheers mate hmm i thought that but i have seen how bad sunroofs rust and personally had a s13 one with rust aswel so i preferably wanted one without a pop up roof. Ive had shit loads of interstate interest mainly from sydney but noone has came up with the goods yet too many dreamers unfortunately