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  1. Need a sparky to repair my aircon

    this dude is located in edwardstown and works from home, have never had an issue from him. Uwree: 0419 807 003 dont think he could regass it though...
  2. Compression test

    random question, but how do you undertake a compression test?
  3. Your top ten favorite songs

    ure number 3 is awsome ! havnt heard that in agesss
  4. Cricket

    how was the surgery?
  5. Cricket

    bahahaha indeed
  6. Cricket

    macgill is/was a great bowler, but had the worst attitude.
  7. World's strongest man in MMA

    bloody hell
  8. Before After Pictures

    top effort guys, really shows what hard work does!
  9. White People Stole My Car

    f**king LOL
  10. and there i was thinking kate morgan and all those companys where gimmics well done dude!
  11. instant windscreens near turbotune are mobile and do a good job for decent coin
  12. knw anyone work with METAL?

    pm AJPS he has a dude that can knock that shit up for you no worrys
  13. Engine Transport (Vic to Adl)

    if you struggle with e-go, give fastway a shot. Have had nothing but good experiences with them!
  14. oh and also keep seeing a dark coloured 32 that goes up and down belair rd late at night, very loud and has nice offset.
  15. saw a really nice white chaser thismorning at the caltex in cumberland park, was rolling on work xd9s methinks painted mat army green. Looked cool!