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  1. doesnt look too bad, would be buyable if it had the sr20vet & similar weight to the other silvia series didnt like the look of the 350z & 35gtr at first either but both have grown on me, would prob be the same for this to each their own, but yeh just a concept
  2. Tuned4Street's next cruise

    might be interested depending on what time it starts, pm me info thanks
  3. Handguns

    been to the pistol range in adelaide & shot a few such as glock .45, 9mm, .22, .357 & .44, pistol of choice for me is .357 magnum, love that gun - good fun although since shooting an ak-47, m16 & m60 pistols dont seem as fun anymore lol would be cool to have your own license/gun
  4. 32GTR rear swaybar..

    did this recently using s13 brackets, take your time fitting the brackets and shaping them properly - thats the only problem i encountered fitting it
  5. A Simple Thankyou...

    cant complain at all about smooth, great service, prices & top blokes, will definitely take the car there again, A++++
  6. **Cruise for a Cause** 8th June

    yeah sounds good, shall be there
  7. tinting my 180

    cloverlly park tint a car
  8. ok got some stuff which i can lend out now for s13/180 1 - stock sr steering wheel in very good cond. 2 - stock sus works fine 3 - stock sr dump pipe, front pipe, cat & catback exhaust 4 - stock sr20 smic with most of the piping 5 - stock sr20 intake pipe pm me if ya need something
  9. 18x10 +13 rears on s13

    ok seems i wont be using the 275's then lol how about 245/45/18's - how much guard flarage then?
  10. 18x10 +13 rears on s13

    thanks for the input guys should of mentioned - wide guards are an option, would prefer to keep the 275's on them as they're good ones but will change to 235's if needed how wide rear guards would i need to put on to make them fit with the 275's - any chance 30mm ones would work or would it need to be atleast 40mm + ?
  11. wanting to know what will be required to fit these rear wheels on an s13 they are 18x10 +13's w/ 275/35/18's need to know what ill need to do to make them fit - would i be able to get the standard metal guards flared enough to make them fit with some camber and if so how much would i need? cheers
  12. need to burrow or buy a stock s13 steering wheel pm me if you have one, cheers
  13. regency

    got through last week with a 2way mech
  14. rear subframe damage

    ah thanks guys also - wheres a good place to get a chopped parcel shelf straightened & welded that regency will accept?
  15. k got back from regency and got done for this damage to the rear subframe - k they want me to fix the damage and am wanting to know what i need to do to fix it - replacement or pushing it out? also what sort of prices would i be looking at? thanks