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  1. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Just wondering What is that color call that u painted the engine bay in its incredible
  2. Thats a Quality Color man gonna look bonkers when its done

    Im loving the delay its given me time to save up for my 1080p TV haha cause i am not playing this on a shtty TV i have my ps3 sitting here waiting paitiently to get played more CMON gt5 lol
  4. Dan's Daily S15.

    Love ur s15 ill be modifiying myn like urs when i get myn got some parts all i need now is the car
  5. My Weekend Whip aka Heinz Big Red

    What did ya get defected for?
  6. My 2001 S15 Powered RB26dett

    According to ur Title u have ur S15 powering ur Rb26Dett lol nice car man pretty fing hot
  7. Arts and Graphics Comp #1

    FUKN haters people hate on banksy because hisa art is smart and witty and it covers controversial topics and its done well other street art is just art but banksy gets topical info and makes it into art everyone can enjoy / decipher, his a legend these guys hate on him because he is extremely successful and they are so jealous, they know they will never have the rep he does all around the world
  8. My S15 Build - Vertex Ridge

    if u dont mind me asking how much did ur paint cost?
  9. Is my friend talking shit?

    Well seeings his getting 178kw (at all fours) in a rear wheel drive car is a bit suss. he might have a Jap-spce version which has i think 184kw at the fly, But he still wouldnt be getting that at the rear wheels. The Aus-Spec has 142kw at the fly Not at the wheels probs around 115kw - 120kw, thats not exact seeings i didnt calculate it properly. If its stock his talking shit if its modified he might not be. but with those mods i dont see it.
  10. Michaels S13

    mmm but they Cough cough makes it look like u did it on purpose if u wanna say that say what really happend just to save ur skin never know who goe threw these threads
  11. Just use the same sized allen jey with bluetak on the bottom of it and put allot of pressure on it that might give u enuf friction to get em loose
  12. truck faster than a plane

    id rather be next to it then behind
  13. Dan's Daily S15.

    get em shaved off
  14. nisskid's 32 4 door

    WOW ur good i wanna learn to drift one day