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  1. Warming up and preparing for 1RM

    personally i chuck in a week of 3x3 and doubles to get my body used to the weight of 1RM as always just do what feels right for you
  2. 1988 ML Barina

    Unfortunately this died a couple years ago It's still hard to believe that Barry is gone, but I believe I gave Barry the barina the best life he could have ever wished for.... RIP BARRY :,(
  3. big ass metal tonka trucks! used to use it as a sled with my knees in the dump truck and scoot around the backyard all day until i got too big for it. its still at my grandparents house and my little cousins now play with them. tonka tough!
  4. Ban on high powered magnets

    If you have an old electricity meter, you can place the magnet on the glass to get the metal wheel to stop spinning or slow down. apparently.... just remember to remove it before the people come to read the meter or have it locked when magnet is on... other than this, I have no idea why these would be banned
  5. daily/run around car reccomendations!

    and with a few JDM stickers and a build thread on JDMST the bitchez would go wildssss! http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=373328&st=90 oh trust me, they did!! before i wrote off my barina....
  6. Adelaide's greatest AB!

    haha Savvas have now introduced it to their menu finally but before was always made if you ask for one (its my Saturday lunch tradition) best service aswell Makis was mentioned earlier. he is good but needs to cut his meat a bit more fine. souvlaki bro and yiannis have a really good name and cook over coal... i dont rate their service or tzatziki/garlic sauce yiannis also dont serve chips (they did at one stage) as for red/blue/white i think they both know what they're doing. burger bar gets my pick but that doesnt mean i dont rate the blue and white Cheers, Fat *enchilada*.
  7. Adelaide's greatest AB!

    Savvas Yiros unley road /close thread
  8. mm the car i saw was def a white round bubble hatch with cannon. was late at night and they had tore off by the time i ran to the front of the house. i was about to give chase but by the time i turned my car around they were long gone decided to call the cops and they were at the scene within a minute. happened a few months ago, so not hell recent but chances are its prob the same douche. I heard laughing and shit but thought it was the neighbours, then as soon as my alarm whistled i was outside within about 10 seconds. my car barely starts even with the imobilisers and keys so good luck to them and is also insured very well which is why chasing wasnt worth it for me
  9. umm that car fits the same description of the car that i saw when my car got broken into. happened in Mile End when i was parked in a mates driveway for literally 3 mins. even left half the car hanging out of the driveway coz i wasnt staying long. my car's alarm went off as soon as they opened the door but they had damaged it with a screw driver. i drive a vr holden v8 so this might not just be targeted at jap cars... lets hope the police have someone on their records which fits your description. looks like you handled the situation the best possible way you could have
  10. fancy restaurants in Adelaide

    Also try the Saltrum No.1 reserve with your meal
  11. LS2 Onevia, yes another one....

    vids? please!! haha
  12. chainsaw is always the trick option. makes too much noise and sprays blood everywhere. its pretty much exactly what you dont want lol
  13. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    Phorte i see you driving everywhere and always point your car out to whoever im with... and after watching that vid suggest you get some straight pipes asap! haha
  14. im pretty sure SA Police will still be out defecting cars... i wouldnt risk it
  15. first step is to kill all children who are in group. they are only bad news and will die sooner or later (refer to little girl in walking dead) then we find a token black guy, token asian and thats it. no red necks unless they are hunter/trackers and know how to use cross bow...