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  1. Hi all, Need a bit of help. Yesterday finished the install of a set of rear pads on my S15 (only the passenger side set) and I had to use the car before being able to install the other set, however I have found that the new install is not fully disengaging, they remain ever so slightly on. What I did during installation: Pulled the entire brake caliper out, pulled the piston apart, checked seals (they were fine, piston was a little scoured from attracting moisture, but cleaned the surface up and also the inside of the caliper itself and refit the piston back in. Wound the piston in until it bottomed out on the adjuster thread, then put everything back together with new pads and disc. Bled the line and checked all other lines to make sure there was no air and pumped the brake a few more times just to be sure. What I noticed: After driving (note, although I didn't specifically bed the brakes using the technique described in the how-to article, I have not pushed them on hard, only light braking with very steady driving and lots of slowing down using gears, which I do anyway) was that there was a burning brake smell coming from that side, I stuck my hand near the disc and it is a lot hotter than the side that hasn't yet been replaced. I also noticed when I put the handbrake on for the first time, that I could almost pull it all the way up the first time, but the second time I did it it was back to around the halfway mark (this was simply let it back out and pull it back up again). Could the brakes have self adjusted when doing this and pushed in too far? Even so though, shouldn't they self adjust back out again also? What I have done since: Put the car up on jack with blocks. Pulled the handbrake off and turned the wheel by hand. I can feel and hear the pad is touching the caliper slightly, just enough to cause very minor drag, but not enough to notice while driving the car. I adjusted the handbrake bolt so that the nut was almost all the way out, this didn't change anything, so put it back to where it was. Then left the handbrake off and tried pumping the brake pedal a few times (although I did this before first driving anyway, and obviously a few times while driving so I don't doubt it will be doing anything) and it was still a no-go. So my question is, is it because I have not yet changed the other set of brakes/caliper. I don't think it should affect it because the brakes are self adjusting anyway, so it shouldn't matter if one side is different to the other... except for the handbrake. However, as I said, I loosened the handbrake all the way off, and this didn't help either. Any ideas!?
  2. LiquidsounD, have resent my PM mate, please check and let me know
  3. LiquidsounD dude, do you check your PM's, sent you one on the 15th of March, no reply yet?...
  4. I didn't adjust the handbrake immediately after installing the new pads and disc, but gave it a go later on, and as I said, it didn't help.
  5. You can do this yourself if your mechanically minded enough. You won't need new calipers and it would not be cheaper to buy from a wreckers than just rebuilding the ones you have, as in a few years time your likely to end up in the same position anyway. Its likely that the calipers have absorbed some moisture (thanks to your brake fluid) and have gummed up and corroded a little. Hence the sticking. If they need to be rebuilt, it basically involves pulling them out, cleaning up the piston seal surface, replacing the seals, cleaning the crap out of the caliper and fitting them all back together. If you have or can find the service manual for your vehicle it will show you exactly how they come apart.
  6. I have an S15 with HID high beams. They work brilliantly. I live in a country area and use them all the time, they were well worth the price. I like to be able to see as much as possible when I'm driving, low beam HID's do not compare to high beam HID's, they might to normal bulb high beams. Also you'll find that the charge up time isn't really that much of a pain since your low beams are still on anyway. The kits I have are Kaixen kits, which are a Korean brand (most people associate Korean products with Chinese quality, but they are actually more on par with Japan in terms of electronics). There's a guy on NS.com that was selling them that I purchased off, if you find one of his threads you'll find a review that I did on them also.
  7. Shame you can't spell though. Why's that, so the government can make all your decisions for you?
  8. Its not sensationalism mate, I've done quite a bit of reading about it. I suggest you do to before making accusations. Now that depends whet you read, I will never discourage research and reading but remember Y2K many people made alot of money out of nothing. People fear what they dont understand Of course it depends on what you read, thats why you should read a lot and make up your own mind. I've done this, and don't put me into the catagory of "People fear what they don't understand". I understand this stuff quite well. Its not sensationalism mate, I've done quite a bit of reading about it. I suggest you do to before making accusations. i have to say.. your post did reek of the sensation... Terms, like.... "ISP's are being hit" "the slowdown will increase exponentially" And statistics, like... "Will slow down by up to 75%" "1 in 10 sites that should not be blocked will be blocked" and then "I guess you could say" Is this you're own version of the Fox News "Some people say..." I don't see how my terms appear to be sensationalism Cush. My information makes sense, and it took a decent amount of research to find it. My terms are sound, internet traffic never goes the way it is "predicted" to. I can see a lot of ISP's crashing. The slowdown will increase exponentially, what do you think its going to be a linear or limited curve? Not likely. The limit will be reached when the server crashes, but until then the rate of slowdown will increase as traffic passing through the ISP's increase. Reason? Slowdown will be compounding whilst traffic continues to increase, more slowdown + more traffic = exponential slowdown. Sensationalism? No. Maths? yes. The statistics I quoted were from some of the sites I and my brother found, one of which is quite detailed about the whole issue by another guy who has done a ton of research (on and off the net), and has collated all the information he has gathered so far together. They are from trials, sure in the final version this might change, but upon first implementation it wouldn't be by much. Sensationalism? No. And mate, likening me to Fox News, and then putting in only part of my statement; "I guess you could say", is rather hypocritical. I actually said "1 in 10 sites that should not be blocked will be blocked by the program unintentionally. Though I guess you could say that you wouldn't be missing anything cause I suppose you technically won't know it should have been there..." That statement is nothing whatsoever like Fox News's "Some people say". I was clearly stating that you could say you would not miss the content, with reference to vr4nut's post, but that would only be because it doesn't show up, even though it is there. I was not avoiding confrontation and nor was I making a statement to which I could not be held accountable, which is what the "Some people say" statement does. In all honesty, your post, trying to make out that mine "reeks of sensation", has more sensationalism than mine, and only proves your point because you have cut my statements to do so.
  9. Its not sensationalism mate, I've done quite a bit of reading about it. I suggest you do to before making accusations.
  10. 1. Won't slow down f**kall. 2. This shit is already in effect. 3. You're not missing anything, realistically the shit on the list no one would want to see, and if you did you're a very questionable character. 4. Do you really think our Government can block everything? Dreaming. Ask any Government employee if their area is under resourced. 5. Proxy? 1. Will slow down by up to 75% (Trials have been done). All traffic is monitored, so yes it will slow down, and depending on how much the ISP's are being hit at the time the slowdown will increase exponentially. 2. It is not in effect for the internet, not in Australia. 3. Bullshit. 1 in 10 sites that should not be blocked will be blocked by the program unintentionally. Though I guess you could say that you wouldn't be missing anything cause I suppose you technically won't know it should have been there... 4 & 5. True, there would be ways to get around it, but not for the vast majority of Australians. And no matter what, there would still be point 1. to contend with.
  11. TF2

    Yeah TF2 takes a little while longer than CS did to get used to for me, definitely a fun game but, I play it a fair bit with my bro. I make a pretty good sniper (been accused of cheating a good number of times)
  12. I finished my Mech Eng degree in 2006... does that count ?
  13. does it sound electrical? you sure its not speakers or something?
  14. Anyone from cairns?

    Yeah nah insects aren't really that bad up here, as 1onenil0 said its mostly around bush and mangrove areas you'll see mozzies and sand flies. Plenty of insects on the road at night but if your travelling along the highway, especially after its been raining ... Take the hire car for a spin around the Tablelands, head up the Kurranda ranges from Cairns and come back through the Palmerston, you'll hit the highway again just north of Innisfail. Plenty of little tourist stop offs too doing that drive, the new Mamu Rainforest Walkway along the Palmerston on your way down for example. Then as your heading north back along the highway towards Cairns, stop in at Josephine Falls and the Boulders.
  15. Anyone from cairns?

    Unfortunately Charlies has gone a bit downhill in recent years ... good pick on the other places though. There are plenty of good places for food up this way, this site is good for finding places though: Cairns Dining. Also try the Pier Bar at the Pier Marketplace (small touristy shopping centre along the Esplanade), they do some really nice home style Pizza's cooked in a proper pizza oven. If you like swimming I definitely recommend going to some of the fresh water swimming holes, though the best ones (IMO) are a bit further south of Cairns, about an hours drive to most, but definitely worth the trip. Try the Boulders, which is in Babinda, about 3/4 of an hours drive along the highway south of Cairns, head up the main street and keep following the main road, you can't miss it. Josephine Falls is another awesome spot, keep heading south past Babinda, you'll come to another small town called Miriwinni, keep heading past that about 2 mins and there is a turn off to Bartle Frere (can't remember if it says Josephine Falls or not) follow the main road until you get to the turn off, OR keep following the road to get to Golden Hole, which is another really nice one. advan, you were close, Ravenshoe is Queensland's highest town, Australia's highest is in NSW somewhere. The tablelands are west of Cairns and is a pretty nice drive, also has some more agricultural style tourist attractions (mango wine). There's heaps to do up this way!
  16. Rumour has it...

    Why not I say. I'm sure Loz will continue to do a great job and solong as there are good moderators on the site it will become a good place for all car enthusiasts. Hey if it takes off, maybe we can start to culture people into thinking that it doesn't matter what makes it go, solong as it does and you enjoy it!
  17. Farmer wants a Husband

    I doubt she would want a city cat. She wants someone who's knows their way around a farm and knows how to ride a horse. That leaves almost all "city cats" and quite a lot of country ones out of the equation.
  18. gauge defects!

    According to the motor vehicles modifications PDF file from Queensland Transport, accessory gauges must: • not interfere with the field of view of the driver • not produce glare to the driver • not have the possibility of an oil pressure line, or similar, breaking with pressurised fluids spraying onto the windscreen • be fitted in such a way to reduce the risk of injury to the vehicle occupants or pedestrians. So technically a pillar mounted gauge is not defectable... at least mine isn't because none of the above requirements apply. It does not interfere with my field of view. Doesn't produce glare, can't spray fluids onto the windscreen if a line breaks (not that there should be fluids in the line anyway...). And if I'm in an accident bad enough that I come into contact with it then I've got worse things to worry about than the pillar-pod...
  19. You might want to elaborate a bit more on "strange noise" as it seems pivotal to the effectiveness of your engine and will probably help in determining the problem.
  20. Did a bit more research and it works as I mentioned before. It stabilizes the material grain structures. For example in steels the cryo-cycling does basically the same as quenching, meaning that it converts any austenite structure in the steel to martensite (which is stronger and more wear resistant). You are right though jzxdavo, it does make it more brittle, however I presume this treatment is done on wearing parts not parts subject to loading that could potentially cause plastic deformation.
  21. Nope. Actually does the opposite. It's called thermal-cycling and NASA originally came up with the concept. Helps improve wear resistance, strength and prevent warping of parts. Pretty interesting stuff actually. I'm guessing the whole point of it is to stabilize the grain structures of the material being tempered as much as possible. Not sure who does it though
  22. HAZE PS3

    Yeh Haze sucks the fat one. I played it for a few hours when I first bought it and haven't touched it since. Killzone 2 on the other hand looks spectacular, and even though the first one wasn't exactly a huge hit, I'm pretty sure Sony want to get this one right.
  23. I hope I have posted this review in the right place as it does contain some technical information, but if not mods please feel free to relocate Now I could have just posted up some sample pictures and received for myself a nice set of interior bulbs, however seeing as I have not seen many threads on HID installation in S15's I figured that I would write a decent review with some before and after photo's and information about the install for others future reference. Product: Kaixen Xenon Light System Details: Low Beam (H1) and High Beam (HB3 / 9005) - 6000K Temperature Bulbs Supplier: LiquidsounD Introduction I live in Far North Queensland, about an hours drive south of Cairns, so I travel dark roads that are (at times) riddled with kangaroos, wallabies... and cows. So I had been looking at buying a decent set of HID's for quite a while but wanted to be sure I was buying a quality product that was good value for money, not expensive crap, or cheap shit. I recently opted to buy some Kaixen HID's and since I use my high beams quite a lot, I decided that I would upgrade both sets of bulbs, not just the lows. I first contacted LiquidsounD with regard to purchasing a Kaixen kit on the 23rd of August 2008 during which I discovered that I would have to purchase 2 kits in order to run both high beam and low beam in my S15 as the high/low kits are simply for a specific type of bulb that does both high and low beam, rather than the S15's 2 separate bulbs, one for low and one for high. I received quick and informative responses from LiquidsounD (kudos to you) and on the 25th placed a deposit for 2 HID kits. Packaging I received both kits in the mail by the 3rd of September, including a set of MTEC LED parkers as part of LiquidsounD's deal. LiquidsounD was sure to pacakge the goods up nicely with bubble wrap to ensure minimal damage from "throwers" (yeh that was a Fight Club plug, so what...). I was pretty impressed by the packaging, and even though your not supposed to judge a book by its cover, the cover was right in this case! Upon opening the boxes, the quality of the product really shows. The ballasts are solid and are made of a cast metal, shaking them does not reveal any funky noises. The cables are all secured firmly and have no play where there isn't meant to be. The wiring is nice and neat, and the connectors and rubber grommits are made of quality materials. Installation My first task was to unplug the battery, MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT ANY ELECTRICAL MODS! It saves many headaches. Parkers Then it was time to put in the new parkers (since they were the easiest ). If you don't know, its as simple as turning the bulb holder until the assembly unlocks then replacing the stock bulb with the led one and reassembling... not a whole lot to it, but great results nontheless! Low Beam (H1) Even though I put the low beams in last, I am writing them into the review second as it helps the overall before/after effect of the photo's more . To put the H1 bulbs in I had to completely remove my battery as I have a Pulse fully sealed battery due to the front mount intercooler piping that has eaten up some of my battery tray (not sure if the battery doesn't nead to be removed on S15's that don't have the same problem though...). Then pulled the light caps off the back of the housings. Under the caps are the wiring loom for the bulb and a little assembly that holds them in place. My mistake was to unscrew the little assembly as I completely forgot that the little wire clip is there to hold the bulb in place... but anyways, after a little fiddling I got it all back together and after a slight modification to the Kaixen H1 loom (Cut back the ground terminal spade connector to fit into the factory female connector) the new bulbs were sitting in place just fine. Next it was time to cut a hole into the back of the cover panel in order to be able to wire the ballast to the bulb. I used a step drill to do this and the rubber gromets that come standard in the bulb loom assembly fit perfectly in the 22mm hole. Once this was done it was as simple as finding a spot for the ballasts and running the wires to the child proof loom. I say child proof because the ballasts are designed so that you can only put the right plug in the right spot... no chance of f**king this one up... unless of course you try hard enough. After finding room for the ballasts, the low beams were set! NOTE: All comparison photo's were taken using the same aperture, shutter speed and iso settings. Different pairs of photo's were opted for in this review as they simply showed up better. Also due to the exposure time on the camera the actual colour and intensity of the light is quite different to what you see in real life. The lights actually look much more white (in the pictures they look pretty blue) and are very bright. [This low beam picture has been photoshopped to give a more accurate representation of real life vs the photos I took] High Beam (HB3 / 9005) I opted to put the high beams (HB3/9005) in second as they were as easy to remove as the parkers. Twisted the back part of the HB3 bulb assemblies to remove and pulled out the bulbs then uplugged the factory bulb carrier looms from the plugs. Putting in the Kaixen HID bulb looms wasn't simply plug and play, as I had to squash the 2 little prongs on the male plugs out a little so that they would fit into the female factory plugs, however it wasn't a big deal and once doing so the plugs fit perfectly. Here's some before and after shots of high beam! Adjustment Since the HID bulbs are longer than stock H1 and HB3 bulbs they throw light different to the stockers, so a little bit of adjustment was necessary. This was as simple as fiddling with the adjustment bolts on the back of the headlight frames until they were right. Be careful setting HID bulbs too high, there are actually Australian Standards for this and you can get defected if they aren't set right. Conclusion All in all the product is of excellent quality, I was very impressed with the package, ease of install and the results. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested in buying a set of HID's. Seeing as they also come with a 24month warranty, a full year on top of most other HID kits, you really can't go wrong! And for the price that LiquidsounD is selling them at at the moment they really are a good deal. I even had some guy telling me I was number one during the late afternoon when I had my high beams on, he must have really liked my HID's too! Now all I need is some replacement bulbs for my foggies! Product - Kaixen HID Kit Quality: 5/5 Ease of Install: 4/5 Result: 5/5 Supplier - LiquidsounD Knowledge: 5/5 Communication: 5/5 Delivery: 5/5
  24. Hey mate, still haven't gotten round to that unfortunately, however if you look at the back side of your lights where the black plastic is, there are 4 funny looking bolts that have a big flat head under the hex part of the bolt with little teeth on them. You can either put a screwdriver down between a couple of plastic guides built into the plastic of the light housing onto the little teeth to adjust the bulbs (perpendicular to the bolt direction), or use a spanner on the back of the bolt.
  25. Large Hadron Collider

    Everyone who is saying blame the media is just as bad as the media. Your just looking for another scapegoat. Stop being hypocrites. In one hand you are saying its about time the media took responsibility, and then you are saying that its not the girls fault that she didn't have the sense to actually delve into a little research instead of just taking Ray Martipunjab's word for it. Sorry guys doesn't work that way.