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  1. Hey guys... Well im going to be moving to brisbane from Melbourne for work and i was planning on moving my car up there as well. So do you guys know any easy place to get the road worthy certificate in brisbane. That is any mechanics or workshops that aren't too picky. My car has got a few mods but nothing too major. Anyways any help is appreciated. Cheers, Leon
  2. jdm s15 turbo

    I made 191rwkw with PFC, fuel pump, exhaust and cooler... Stock injectors though, and it was maxing out. But no point just upgrading injectors alone unless ur goin to upgrade AFM and turbo as well. im runnin 14psi and its safe as long as you dnt redline it everyday...
  3. chasers on Dynon Road are pretty good. That's where i take my car... or u can take it to CND in Duke st, Braybrook.
  4. Blind Dates

    haha... dis shi_t is gold... its like one of my mates, who wants to get beaten by a fat girl. I mean physically beaten. that's his fantasy... wats da world comin 2??
  5. clutch change in s15

    No, I'd keep it and get it machined to suit the new clutch - apparently it's the only way a 6 speed will handle a button clutch. When i went to get my dual mass flywheel machined, I was told it couldn't be done. By a couple of places. Apparently they weren't made for it and there was posibility for serious damage. So jst got a lightened flywheel.
  6. s15

    sounds exactly like the proble i have. Mine is the stock clutch and its gone so i jst have to change it. On top of that, i get the grinding noise when i rev past 2500RPM... I was told its the pressure plate. So hopefully a new clutch and machining the fly wheel should solve it.
  7. hey mate... it sounds a very similar problem i had in my previous skyline. Have u got an aftermarket cooler? If you do jst check the cooler pipes and see if the joints have a gap in them. Coz dat was da problem wit my car wen i had black flakescoming out of the exhaust. The AFM reads it as there is alot of air but not dat much air is goin in hence the black flakes. so hope it helps...
  8. Hey pplz... I jst wanted to say that Max does a good job with the seats and the quality of the seat covers are amazing. The S15 pictured is mine and Max did an awesome job with the seat covers. He is a very nice guy to deal with and finished seats brings a whole new look to the car. Leon
  9. S15 aero wing

    Mate, i jst removed my GT wing spoiler. After you undo all the bolts, you have to undo the 2 plastic clips as well. There is one on each side. Its sort of in between the 2 bolts on each end. Once that comes off, the spoiler will come off.

    Happy New year guys... Bring on the good stuff 4 this year.
  11. PM sent... Waiting 4 reply on the Big mouth full kit...
  12. HKS IDS

    Exactly like oricle said. It stops the Car from stalling. It used to happen on my previous skyline that i owned. If you rev it and suddenly clutch in, the car would stall. The IDS slows the rate at which the revs drop and stops it from stalling.