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  1. KUMHO scented tyres...

    Fark this is bad. There are enough people with so many air freshners in their car i can't go within a metre of them and now they can add stink to the outside? can you image sitting on the westgate with someone playing polkas in the car to the left, emo pop playing to the right, and the scent of lavender wafting around? That is a serious invasion of personal space! I feel road rage a-coming on...
  2. Why can't we get ?s into Australia?

    I know its only just come out but I have a friend at work interested in a J Spec 4WD Yaris for a rally build. Will this be eligible for import and will it be anytime soon? thanks metallic cook.
  3. diff shimming

    I'm also interested to know. i want to break my R200 before i fork out on a 1.5 way (i hate upgrading parts that are still in working order).
  4. S15 new rims part 2

    you are also allowed to go 2in bigger in rim size if you didnt know that but you'd have to be pretty rude to a cop for them to notice 8s. you'd want a pretty good reason for going bigger with tyre prices. its not like they carry rulers on their belt and rim details are stamped on the back. the info on the tyre does not necessarily indicate the size of the rim its on.
  5. Exhaust Shopping

    in some cases fitment with cheaper exhausts is an issue but if they are custom building it for you not a problem.
  6. Supercharger kits

    i read that VW have a car that has a twin charger setup - a supercharger for torque down low and turbocharger for the top end. sounds like the ultimate best of both worlds in theory.
  7. My Sil80 likes to dance

    sounds like when my front bushes went on my escort a few years back (they were completely rooted)
  8. sounds like you've mixed your wires up when you replugged them. i would suggest a starting point be the one to the light.
  9. S15 new rims part 2

    ekapud your taste has just improved dramatically! these look soooooo much better than the other ones you were looking at. you might even save some money as well getting a better looking and better performing vehicle.
  10. perth-queensland probably would go through the red centre. might work out cheaper perth-melb/syd and then up to queensland. the reason it is cheaper to go east is that trucks of goods from melb-syd go to perth and come back empty cos perth only really exports primary resources. queensland and perth pretty much do the same thing (cept we doing more mining and you do more farming) so i cant see there being a lot of traffic. couldnt tell you the name of a company (my ex did all the calls) but transport and logistics companies are the ones you want. you could also try removalists - the interstate ones use container trucks.
  11. the drug buses are out already

    TRBO16 you are clearly passionate about all laws and dont think for yourself. what happens to your passion when laws change? legality is a temporal issue not a moral issue. that was one of the first things i learnt at uni in philosophy.
  12. rim repair

    ^^^^^ whys that? i've got a rim that needs fixing too. the lip is cracked and part missing so i will need the entire outer rim replaced. can this be done? there is no damage whatsoever to the inner rim (which i assume is the primary structural part of the wheel).
  13. this is exactly why everyone bags someone who is thinking of getting chrome. it's tough love - sooner or later everyone learns their mistake.
  14. it is cheaper perth-melb by truck than melb-perth because there are many many empty trucks travelling perth-melb.