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  1. Has brand new series 3 gearbox and nismo coppermix twin clutch. Almost $8000 just there. Car just sits in garage.
  2. heres pics of GTR 33 i thought you might like!
  3. Do the wheels mentioned below fit a wrx 2003 sti? (Want widrer fitment if that requires rolling of guards or etc, but not at to extreme of cutting panels! Are the front dish the same or is it the rear of the wheels which make them wider? Cosmis XT 206R 18x9.5 offset +10 pcd 5-114.3 Cosmis XT 206R 18x11 offset +8 pcd 5-114.3
  4. Can you please give me an update on when my 18x10 inch cc03 are coming (18x11 were going to to trialed fit to see if they fit!) Louis Mazzitelli 0404737906
  5. Price : $1,200 Condition : Used Work Equip 18x10 +18 (no Tyres) One rim has a slight buckle which you cant see, but can feel while driving. They look awesome but i don't have the time to chase up the part required to repair the one rim. No tires will be one the car as i need them for new rims! Negotiable, so don't be scared to offer. (WHEELS WILL NOT BE READY FOR APPROX. 2 MONTHS AS I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE SET I ORDERED AND CANT LEAVE A CAR ON STANDS FOR 2-3 MONTHS! s SORRY!!!) PS.If u can supply me with any kind of rubbish wheels to borrow while i wait for the new ones then i can sell them straight away!
  6. Make : HOLDEN COMMODORE Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $17,000 Condition : Used VL TURBO Undercarriage painted in black or stone deadener. Car sprayed orange, with clear top coat. 20 inch B-Boss Wheels with white walls. Lowered VT Disc and Caliper brake upgrade 3 VDO gauges on bonnet. Blow off Valve. Front Mount Intercooler. High Performance Air-Filter Upgraded Fuel Pump and Injectors 3 Inch Dump pipe and 3 inch full exhaust. Wolf 3D V4. Computer. (Makes about 230rwk) Kenwood TV Head-unit $17,500 ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED!!! Need to know anything else please contact me. Louis 0404 737 906

    Getting a bit off work done at Sabbaddin Automotive right now! Bigger turbos, air-box, tune and a few other little things, actually gonna make a fair bit less power. Sounds stupid I know, but after having a big single turbo it will be nice to have power before 5,000rpm for once...(not very good 4 a dyno day!!) Anyway, enough shit talkin, i spoke to Rob about the BDD and it sounds like its gonna be one hell of a good day. Even if your not gonna enter ur car u should come so u don't miss an enjoyable day....
  8. HKS R33 GT-R Drag Car

    You also have to remmeber that HKS set that time back in 2001. Think back and remmeber how far technology has come in the last 7 years! The "newer" GTRs running the same or better times have also had someone else to veiw and have a big advantage in the "what not to do!" area. But, you also have to commend any one that has the balls and patience to spend huge amounts on a GTR to make them that fast. So. In my opionion there all f.....n ledgends and i wish the best for all out there who are pushing the envelope! ps. I would love it if HKS would build a new GTR upto the standards and technology they have today! That would be farkin awesome!!!
  9. CJ Motorsports?

    I was really upset that CJ Motorsports wouldn't cover my coilpacks under warranty but thats not the issue!! I went and bought a new set off someone who gave me 12months warranty today! When i took the old Splitfires out (blown ones) i noticed that one had a different batch no. on it! I rang up CJ Motorsports and asked him why there was one different coilpack and he said i was lying, just trying to get him to cover warranty!! As it turns out he sold me an incomplete set!! Now, i think he should give me the warranty!!! Pretty weird that he won't take them back cause he knows that the money wpould come out of his pocket cause he can't send an incomplete set back. I'll insert a picture of the incomplete set below, tell me what you think. ps. If anyone thinks i might try and be bullshitting him, pm me and i'll give you my address so you can come check out both sets! You'll soon see the new ones have a totally different number!!! Cant upload pictures, can someone tell me how to please!!!
  10. CJ Motorsports?

    I know he has every right to refuse the warranty! I just dont get how other people on this forum are offering 12 month warranties when CJ only offers 6! My fault for not looking at details such as warranty when purchasing. Feel like a total dick seeing that for about $30 i could have gone up the road to Vermont and got them with a 12 month warranty! Silly Boy!!! Silly silly Boy!!!! ps. Looking for coilpacks, Accesses-Direct! Cheap, comes with full manufacturer warranty!
  11. My girlfriends purchased a set of Splitfire coilpacks off CJ Motorsports. One has blown after approx. 7 Months. i rang the guy at CJ and he told me he will not cover them as the warranty is only six months. I know he has every right to refuse, but from the so called reputation of being a platinum seller and the amount of money i spent on the coilpacks, i think he should allow me the warranty. The car is owned and driven by a girl, never thrahed, and bearly driven. The car in question would have been lucky to have done 5000 kms with the new splitfire coilpacks. I genuinely think the they should have a kilometer warranty, not just a time warranty. I dont see how this is fair as there would have been many warranty claims were the coilpacks have been abused and done 10 times the amount of kilometers, and just because of 1 month i am out another $500. If i were you id buy of somebody who has a bit of common sense and a heart!!! or you too may be in this situation!!!
  12. I'm looking at getting Front Upper Adjustable Camber Arms ( so i can dial in some positive camber) for my R33 GTR. If you have these can you let me know. email address:Louis-Mazzitelli@hotmail.com louis : 0404 737 906