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  1. Dont know if anyone has said this, but i will put my 2 cents in. i find it a lot better if you let the cream that comes in the tubs dry out, i think you guys use "proraso", and when you need to apply it wet the brush and slightly wet the dried shaving cream. lathers better and you go through a lot less then what you would use as a wet solution. i use Wilkinson sword blades as well, easier and sharper cut.
  2. Aquarium Chat Thread

    each LED has a direction lens, and they are dialed down to about 20% power in that photo. I do have a shroud i built to hang around them but i just CBF putting it on yet.
  3. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Haven't been here for a while but this is what i have been working on lately. Transferred everything from my fluval to my new tank, build everything myself, from stand to lights.
  4. Aviation

    Is anyone actually in the flying game? If you know this industry then you know that its "who you know" not "what you know"
  5. Aviation

    Its all about the pocket! My pocket isnt very deep but its been through some hard times with aviation. Definitely rewarding career! but getting there is hard. ATPLs were a bitch but still alright in the end, if you know your shit you will be fine.
  6. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Heres some pics of my build atm. The stand i built a long time ago, just reinforced it lately to accommodate a few extra Kg's. The main tank is 10mm glass, rimless and brace-less 500*400*500, but not starphire, the overflow box is perspex and running a 25mm drain to sump. The sump is 3 stages, first is a inlet and skimmer stage, followed by a refugium, a bubble trap and then a return stage and heater housing, into a 20mm return pipe into the tank. Lighting: I am currently making my LED set up, i am aiming at a full spectrum array( red, RB, B, CW, NW and UV) but we will see how it handles. All running off a dual channel set up the meanwell 48D's and a typhoon controller.
  7. Aquarium Chat Thread

    f**k thats no good man, stop pushing so hard when you take dumps! And on the serious note hope everything is alright. Post some pics up of the tank mate, i would be interested to see how it is.
  8. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Found the sites i was after, thats sidd! Some stuff rocked up the other week: Tunze 9002 skimmer MP-10 wes Eheim compact 2000 and my tank is near completed, only need plumbing now. I am just building a 38 full spectrum lighting array with a typhoon controller.
  9. Aquarium Chat Thread

    they are the ones, which site do you get a discount through from a online supplier?
  10. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Hey guys, Just got back from a 6 week holiday and was looking at ordering some stuff online, unfortunately some of my mates though it was a great idea to kill all my icons and browser and replaced my desktop with a frightening about of gay porn. i am looking to find a few sites, one a small Australia site that SIDD you are on it, small but really good, the second was a LED ordering site, and third was a larger Australian tank site but then linked you to a online aquarium supply site that gave discounts to members. any infor that would be awesome.
  11. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Sorry guys, Yeah the LFS didnt make it! something that was ment to take a week, has now stretched over a month.. Managed to get a free sump out of it though, so i cant really complain.
  12. Travel Laptop bags

    I do like that bag!
  13. Aquarium Chat Thread

    geelong. I am getting f**ked around with this tank i am trying to order... Giving them till Tuesday till i get my money back.
  14. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Pity your not further down south.
  15. Travel Laptop bags

    How did you go with your SLR? did you have it in a separate back or just floating in your bag? I am looking for one that has enough room for a SLR and easily accessible when needs to be, but i dont want it to obvious that i am carrying a camera. It looks awesome and comfortable as well .
  16. Aquarium Chat Thread

    sweet, dont stress over it though. I already built a stand and i am limited for space unfortunately. Anyone know where i can get either a Tunze 9002 or hydor slim skim nano and a vortex mp10?
  17. Aquarium Chat Thread

    this might be a stupid comment but though about putting them in a fry net when they hatch? Got a few quote today from around the place, looks to be about 240 for the tank pains of glass then i will have to put them together myself, otherwise its up around 450-500. Joys of a custom tank. Then i will have to build my own sump. Sidd i saw you where giving away frags of your leather on the reefuge, want to try send one via mail?
  18. Aquarium Chat Thread

    getting a quote from Australian aquariums in 8mm. I will be running a sump but i am considering the differences in the return and drain, i would like to keep it simple and clean, any ideas?
  19. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Nothing really there, i am limited to a max of 50cm length * 40cm deep and about 40cm height.
  20. Aquarium Chat Thread

    So, i need a new tank! I have been hunting around all over the place and have decided on ~75lt rimless tank. But i cant seem to find any rimless tanks in Australia, apart from custom builders and they are mainly large thousand upon thousand lt tanks. Where can i get a decent tank with out getting bent over the fence by LFS?
  21. Aquarium Chat Thread

    cute little guy!!
  22. Aquarium Chat Thread

    post a pic up mate.
  23. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Dr Josh, if you get time, are you able to post up a video with you psu and controller in action, i would love to see the sun rise and sun set feature and the different channels in action.
  24. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Thanks Sidd, i was in tears when i had to flush them down the toilet, f**king attachments bloody fish....... I honestly don't know how much that one would have cost me but would be similar to this just with a dimmable driver http://www.aquastyleonline.com/products/Aquarium-12-x-3-watts-DIY-LED-Kit.html. I actually bought a 70 LED dimmable kit from http://www.aquastyleonline.com/ plus 10 extra true violet 420nm LEDs for $200ish. Then also purchased a typhon controller from http://www.boostled.com/collections/diy/products/typhon-led-controller-kit to control sunrise and sunset along with the needed meanwell drivers 50-60 of the LED's will end up over my 4 footer, these are just some of the left overs which will end up over my sump no doubt Josh! that site is awesome! i just ordered a new set up of lights from them, and that controller! brilliant!