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  1. **Spotted Thread**

    metalhead did u see da sill and 180 on friday nite at waterfall
  2. **Spotted Thread**

    cool,nice car
  3. **Spotted Thread**

    lol were u in a white s15
  4. **Spotted Thread**

    thank you ,ive got some big plans for it
  5. **Spotted Thread**

    the orange 180 is my new car,with the black roof
  6. annoying helicopter game!

    lol i cant stop playing it
  7. want a new boat?

    nice looking boat
  8. very interesting read and photos it would be unreal to see it in person.
  9. The NEW GTR

    looks hot cant wait to see one

    i have had a few when i was younger but they are boring ,get a rc car or chopper much more fun ,but i still have a pt boat my dads mate gave me i have had it for years but never put it in the water but it would go like a bat out of hell as it has a 4 stroke water cooled motor in it ill post up a pic of it to moz if i get time .

    go to auto sport
  12. What do you want for xmas?

    yep husky are a lot of work but i walk our staffy puppy all the time but i have allways wanted a husky with blue eyes the look so mad .
  13. What do you want for xmas?

    i want a husky but i dont think my gf will get me one so maybe some parts for my car or a pit boss bike or what ever you call em