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  1. FS: 94' 180sx as is 8kono

    Price dropped - Pictures added -
  2. FS: 94' 180sx as is 8kono

    For Sale 1994 180sx as is (no current rego). Time to sell her off as no time to get her back to glory or funds directed to family and housing. I would rather sell her to be used than let it sit for any longer. Make: Nissan Model: 180sx Colour: Black Year: 1994 K's: 165k km (chasis) >20k km on motor. Paint: Very Average Location: North Central Victoria Contact: 0407 845 812 Fitments: Tein Superstreet Coilovers Rear Strut + Engine Brace Oil Catch Can Sard Fuel Pressure regulator 040 Walbro Fuel pump Sard 850cc Injectors Garrett 2871r .64 Forged Pistons 20thou oversized HKS 272 cams in 12mm lift / out 11.5mm lift Extensive engine work (see picture) Power FC computer + hand controller AVC-R boost controller Greddy turbo timer New 2 Core Radiator Rebuilt Master and Slave cylinder 5 Puk Xtreme Clutch - good feel low KM New brake pads - disc's need replacement. Made 240kw last tune on 18psi - retune would see over 250kw. Probably more forgotten about. *All serious offers considered Car to be sold as is but is capable of road worthy. New Pictures Added -Picture of front shows worst of paint (clear coat coming away on front bar and bonnet only) -Rear has genunine Uras brand smoked tail lights -Interior has seen better days Note: Dash gauges are not connected and were being removed -Dash sun wear,
  3. Price : $60 Condition : Used Hi im chasing the following items to suit 180sx Type X seat belts: - Front Passenger Seat Belt Buckle - Rear Seat Belt Buckles (Both sides) $20 ea! open to offers need them asap!
  4. nascar brakes on s chassis?

    Then you need rims to clear them.
  5. Mikeys 180

    Bump - Minor updates 24 July. Will be getting new bay pics soon.
  6. Would be keen on this +1
  7. Door Trim Quick Fix?

    point me in the directions for new clips?
  8. Im sure lots of people have had issues with their door trim clips failing. I want to hear your quick fixes.
  9. Townsville Members

    yeah, that dude with the s15 front 180 is off here, pauly180.. its a pretty nice car, but rattles a bit on the inside, hey pauly?? that black s15 with fluro orange is a mates mate, some asian dude, the wheels are 57D's.. i think it has a 2860 on it or something, its a mint looking car though.. Pretty sure it used to be 'EXCITE U' two owners ago? Newest owner runs the detailing thing under castletown I've been told.
  10. +1 Moving to darwin soon and need a place to store the tracker etc. found this? http://www.bigstuffstorage.com.au/ dont know anything on the sizes but maybe a group job can get a larger bay?
  11. Mikeys 180

    Not alot has been happening with the car lately just some maintenance and the usual. Soon to be on more money and then can get back on track to finish things up on my to do list. May even consider selling up soon, who knows. To many ideas
  12. Townsville Members

    If anyone is interested in a meet for a bite to eat then a cruise in the comming weeks sign up pic a week that most people are free. Be nice to meet some from ns.
  13. Mikeys 180

    Joobie, still not taken you for a drive even tho i promised, maybe this thursday?
  14. Townsville Members

    noone dude.. its a common problem in townsville, there is noone decent except for Paul at extreme, and that comes with a whole new bunch of problems.. two mates of mine have tried to get tunes through paul, and for one reason or another its never been able to happen.. reasons ranging from dyno stopped working, to just plain not being able to get a hold of him when it comes down to it.. by all means, give them a call and find out.. i dont know whether its called EXTREME or XTREME, but surely one of the other dudes in here will know and you can go from there.. I had my car tuned at aitkenvale autos, prob not quite what they were, but the tune was solid and they let me watch over a run before we finished up. (uber late reply i know...)
  15. Townsville Members

    Anyone local have the front looms from the plug to the bulb for the tear drop shape 180 front parker lights. Mine are shitting themselves but its inside the sealed part.. also no1 happen to have a spare power steering tensioner bolt? lost it thursday night on Palmerston st... or if found msg me haha.