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  1. was a fantastic turn out!! soo many different types of cars which was great to see movie was lacking race scenes though, only the 1 by my count?? great work organising it guys! eddie
  2. I went with nolathane ones also, I thought they were great handling upgrade aswell. Granted the old rubber ones were extremely deteriorated though eddie
  3. Solo's E39 BMW 535i

    Wouldn't change the colour of the wheels, would look awful, looks great as is. eddie
  4. Audi S3 - More New Photos...

    Are the brembos factory??? Seeing your car has me interested in getting a S3 now!!! eddie
  5. Estimated cost to repair?

    FFrom those photos it looks like you only require a bonnet lights and radiator support to be re-welded in this is repairable from what I can see, I would not be going to buy a new shell just yet! best of luck with it!! eddie
  6. love the rockstar ones eddie
  7. Walbro Fuel pump

    you may need to change the wiring so that it runs 12V constant. S13's usually have a 2 stage fuel pump where it goes from 0-5v then 5-12v (off memory) sometimes the regulator for this breaks down. Do what people with bosch pumps do and just ground (I THINK!! -> brown / blue wires) to chassis and then you will be running pump at constant 12V eddie
  8. my s13 silvia

    looks very nice, well done!! eddoe
  9. My S15 Varietta Convertible

    looking very hot! Interior is mint!! Will have to come over have a closer perve at both the cars eddie
  10. THE ASHMAN Appreciation Thread

    totally agree, soo helpful around here!!! keep it up!
  11. R-Rated S15 Varietta Jap Spec Red Manual

    very hot, nice pick up!!! Looking forward to updates
  12. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    defected already?? awesome buy for that cash!!
  13. Justjap, though plenty of places would sell them! eddie
  14. 150-160 on t25 if you did go t28 170-180 assuming all things are healthy etc