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  1. Hi, I live in SE Suburbs of Melbourne. Looking for a Top workshop to get a major service done for an r33? please help.. thanks in advance
  2. New Wheels

    ^^^^ Excellent choice... or checkout the Rays gram lights on offer by RMS Motorsports... he is a sponsor here
  3. a cop followed be for about 500m and then 50m from my house he puts the lights on. so i park it inside my own driveway. next thing cop comes in and asks to open the bonnet. 5 mins later i got defected + epa. MY QUESTION IS CAN A COP DO THAT IN MY OWN PROPERTY??? thanks
  4. got defected in my OWN DRIVEWAY!

    hey moron! when a cop puts the lights on u dont hit the brakes right there on the spot... you have to park it in a safe place... I could see my house from where he put the lights.. so i parked in my driveway FKN DKHD!!!
  5. got defected in my OWN DRIVEWAY!

    from my knowledge cops cant look inside the bonnet. he can only look at the car from the outside and do his shit.... correct me if im wrong????
  6. What colour?

    WRX Rally blue... ftw
  7. This guy sent me a pair of white raybrig globes, but i asked him for BLUE!!!!!!!!!!! NO APOLOGIES!!! NO CONTACTS from him after i complained....
  8. the japs must be crazy

    SO WHAT IF ITS A REPOST!!!!!! there is always people who hasn't seen it before. If you have seen it STFU!!! go increase you post count somewhere else..
  9. spacers

    as far as i know illegal in victoria. slip on 5mm spacer is hard to spot though.....
  10. wheel spacers

    If its 4 stud, slip on wheel spacers arn't the safest in my opinion. Also when using bolt on wheel spacers remember to check the back of the rim to see if its compatible. After each hole there should be a small well so that the studs of the wheel hub can sink in.
  11. defected

    Hey bro, which area did this happen? don't tell me its the knox suburb....

    Mate do you have pics of the GT Wings? very interested!!
  13. GTR or New 350z

    Shame you have the money to buy one of these two cars... NOT THE BRAINS... you can't compare these two cars..
  14. 200sx or R33 or FTO

    with your budget you will not find a decent 200sx!!!!!!!!! a rock stock r33 fo sho!!
  15. Guys, is the Ethanol mixed 100 octane V-power racing ok for RB25det engines made after 1996??? thanks in advance
  16. what have u seen

    he just a kid.. i remeber an off duty cop giving him a scare a while back.. how u doin man? still havin nightmare?
  17. Undercover cop hits lady

    Undercover cops are only good for running over grannies and pulling over kids at maccas!!!!! A while back a bus-load of footy player harassed and shouted abusive language at a jewish guy and his kid taking a walk. GUESS WHO WAS DRIVING THE BUS??????????? (THis was all over the news!!) AN OFF DUTY COP!!! and he apparently did nothing to stop it... What a F**KWIT.... they have the guts to only take on the weak ... i'm sick of this shit in melbourne
  18. black 180sx

    VS-KF black centre.. is the way to go or BEE-R B5's
  19. hks exhausts

    I used to have a HKS Super Dragger. It is not very noisy... a nice rumble. BUT WAY TOO HEAVY... Now i have a BLITZ NUR... light weight but...LOOOUUUUUUUUD
  20. any good jap wreckers,

    contact holford motors.. u can find him in the sponsors section
  21. what do i do

    +1 for SPAZZO let him chase you mate... THIS detective asshole shud be working on bringing down druglords and robbers..etc Not going after kid who made a silly mistake.. This is insane. Nxt time try your skids and brakes where nobody is around... BUT DON'T STOP TRYIN MATE!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN
  22. what do i do

    Don't go mate! Its his word against yours. He wants you to turn up and admit it.. So that he can make the case SOLID. Go to work tomorow and forget about it... Take my word for it
  23. they do clear my standard skyline calipers... Hope that helps.. email me for pics
  24. EPA Trouble

    They asked me to take my PFC and Boost controler off as well. They can detect after market ECU's. But not chipped standard ECU's. Cos my mates R33 had a chipped ECU and they didn't detect it. Blow off valve is a NO NO.
  25. Rims 4 my R32

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee RRRRRRRRRRR http://www.bee-r.com/main/parts/wheel/index.htm