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  1. Who owns this S1580 these days?

    You should have kept the wheels, they would have looked tuff on the Gloria....... lol
  2. Do what I do, drive a lancer. Much safer then you kids and your crazy hoon imports >_>
  3. He's not trolling, its pretty well spot on lol
  4. Hey just thought I would let people know that Driven Motorsport are putting on a end of year event for anyone who wants to come. It should be a good meet up with some good people! Driven Motorsport End of Year Meet! Saturday, December 21 at 7:00pm 1/23 Playford Crescent, Salisbury North, 5108 Come and join us for a night of "hard-parking" (as the kids are calling it these days!) at the workshop as we celebrate the end of a successful year at Driven Motorsport. There will be food and drinks, quality beats and most importantly, plenty of JDM goodness for your viewing pleasure! For those looking to cruise, we will most likely head out later in the night.

    Slammed s13 this morning crossing over king william in town. Was super loud and super low.
  6. 180sx Drifter

    You know if this is to be a reasonably long term car, there is no harm in just building it. I mean its a drift car so it is going to take a beating. A built motor would give you piece of mind and its not like its super expensive to build SR's these days.
  7. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    Karts were fun hey Pabs :-) Except that timetrial thing you are talking about is only 4 people I believe. Meet and food sounds good!! +1 for no long distance, e85 and long distance are not friends
  8. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    But many have complained about :-P
  9. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    ^ its all about Pablo
  10. Hardtuned Cruise 26/10/13

    190km is too long for an e85 Evo just an FYI lol
  11. Custom Plates

    I thought as much, but thought I would ask. Thanks for that :-)
  12. Custom Plates

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows. When you order a square plate, if you only have 1 line of text do they centre the text? Or does it stay at the top of the plate? Only asking as when you put it in to the generator it stays at the top, which looks stupid. I know its obviously just an example, but I was just wondering. http://www.transport.sa.gov.au/ezyplates.sa.gov.au/WebContent/
  13. Targa Adelaide Night Stage

    $15 + booking fee http://tickets.oztix.com.au/default.aspx?Event=36934
  14. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    and tomorrow has come