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  1. 180SX/SR20DET Fuel/ECU Issue?

    Can you smell fuel after a drive? Mine did some similar things to what you describe - turns out the fuel hose from the pump carrier to the first hard line had burst.
  2. car starts then dies

    Could be Air Flow Meter? When playing round with my SAFC i shorted the AFM wires, and it did just what you described.
  3. Nismo Gear knobs

    Have you tried removing the leather from the stocko? I did with mine, and it turned out to be a clean vinyl one underneath with H pattern stamped into it.
  4. You Sir, are a Gentleman & a Scholar. Got mine yesterday - look great and are a fair bit lighter than the standard ones. Thanks heaps!!
  5. Epic car fail thread

    That thing has far too much going on in the front. Kit built by 60 year old country man & diesel to boot? Not to mention le chev badge on le holden.
  6. Epic car fail thread

    WHAT......THE.......FFFFFFFFF..HELL? Makes me wanna put V-Tec stickers all over my 180. ;P
  7. Type x tail lights

    This. I got my lights & panels arse about.
  8. Type x tail lights

    Type X lights have a different profile on them - the std panel will fit, but there will be gaps underneath the lights. Standard lights are more "squarish".
  9. rear number plate mounting

    I just slotted my bumper and the plate slides up from below. Stock bumper is piece of piss to carve with a Stanley.
  10. On my Vertex bar I used the square lenses as indicators, and bought 2 x 12cm LED strips off eBay for parkers. I fibreglassed some covers for them, which I think look neat, but it is a lot of stuffing around. here are some pics with parkers on, and b4 I did the covers:
  11. Do you have slotted rotors? Mine used to "grind" when rolling back (just happens when you run them the other way). If you have warped rotors the car would feel jerky when you hit the brakes in either direction. If you answer no to both points above, check that your calipers are not loose.
  12. Tyre pressures?

    Whatever the vehicle manufacturer recommends on the placard as minimum, but increase it by a couple of pounds if you're carrying a load or driving at higher speeds. Doesn't matter what profile tyres you've got. If you're running a fair amount of camber put a few more pounds in again, or you'll quickly chew out the inner sidewall. I've got 215/35R18's on mine which I run at 36psi most of the time