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  1. R32 4 door RB30DET

    Supposed to be 10cm rear, SimonR32's rear housing is different??? Can always build you one! Had this a while, goes good & suits family........ Ebay, Dude probably sold it from under me & lucky for Paypal!
  2. R32 4 door RB30DET

    10cm ???
  3. R32 4 door RB30DET

    Been a while, Got scammed on GT35 and ended up going Kando T67-25G Progress pic
  4. R32 4 door RB30DET

    Sold the GT3076 and purchased a GT3582R + MVR 44mm Gate few pics from when 30 was fitted:::
  5. R32 4 door RB30DET

    It's never done!!! Type M plastic skirts and new plates today, Upsizing rear housing and gate then GT35 Never!
  6. R32 4 door RB30DET

    GT3076 .63 external rear thats For Sale, check topics. Time to clean up body by massaging rear guards a bit more, then paint rear quarters, bonnet, front and rear bumpers
  7. R32 4 door RB30DET

    It's never done!!! Been offered a GT3582 .82 ???
  8. R32 4 door RB30DET

    38mm gate with small rear housing, It screams!! Lakeside has noise restrictions
  9. R32 4 door RB30DET

    Surge tank and twin pumps are fitted also modified my street exhaust to full 3', Now need .82 or 1.0 rear housing and 50mm plumback wastegate
  10. Nice 4 door! GTR wheels look sick Also ever seen a autech R32 4dr?
  11. R32 4 door RB30DET

    Couple of pics: Motor going well, few more tanks of petrol then oil change and E85!
  12. R32 4 door RB30DET

    Win!!! RB30DET running Rb25 head. modified, drillled, full reco, no vtc, 20 inlet cam, 25 exhaust cam, dayco 94407 timing belt, RB30 Block, std bore, restricted, 1xhigh/1x low tensioner, drilled and debured, genuine gasket set, 1.2mm cometic headgasket RB30 Crank, collar, grub screw, linish, std pistons and rods, new acl race rings, main and rod bearings. New N1 oil pump and waterpump, Greddy oil cooler and relocator, Greddy style manifold, 850cc, 2x 044 pumps, 1x 040 intank pump. Still running GT3076 .63 with 38mm tial gate under manifold & same tune from rb25. Going to move gate and plumback with new stainless dump then tune on E85.
  13. R32 4 door RB30DET

    Going RB25/30!
  14. R32 4 door RB30DET

    Kit SOLD! GTR front, std skirts, pods, rear bar and low