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  1. i recently bought a front bar and got it shipped from SA to WA through e-go.com.au (depot to depot) was $88 and the front bar arrived in perfect condition i also sent a set of 17s to sydney from perth and it was $105 picked up from my work to the depot in sydney
  2. So, I'm having an emo moment....

    i took a gap year after school to get some money behind me before i went to uni, it was good. it was a crap job and really motivated me to go to uni to getter a better education i am now a month away from graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), it has been good fun as i really enjoyed the units i did (most of them anyway). it has also been pretty trying at times and i did fail a few units. jobs are not hard to find and i have one already even with fairly average marks (i live in WA so it could be easier to get a job than other states, not sure though). push on mate, uni is so much better than school because you apply the knowledge to real life situations good luck with your exams
  3. Y34 cedric/gloria's were not released in manual
  4. head over to aus-vip.com for info on the Y34, plenty on there im not sure if a test car has come in for the C33 yet so you might have to do that if you want one
  5. S15 Steering wheel onto S13

    i put one on my old 180, but that originally had an airbag steering wheel, the horn didnt work as the plugs are different so you will have to play around with wiring

    for modeling exhausts in Solidworks you would just create a whole load of sections and put them together in an assembly just as you would when fabricating it.

    I recommend Solidworks over AutoCAD for parts modelling, i used to model drill rigs with Solidworks and it was very straight forward.
  8. The students thread.

    nah, i meant that i'm not one of the smarter ones, i have to put in heaps of work to get the marks. it should be worth the hard work when i finish at the end of the year
  9. The students thread.

    I've got a few engineering mates and they regularly pull 72 hours stints at uni to finish their assignment the week its due in my time at uni i have only stayed up past 12 once and that was a few weeks ago. i enjoy my sleep too much to pull all nighters, i would rather finish assignments with time to spare.
  10. The students thread.

    i love it, applying all the physics and calculus to real life situations makes it much easier to learn. it is hard work though if you're not naturally smart (like me) and you wont be able to leave assignments to the last minute. if you like physics and maths then you will enjoy it
  11. The students thread.

    i finish a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)degree at the end of this year, it is going to be good to be finished, i have enjoyed it though, although the thesis is a lot of work. i already have a job at a company building drill rigs, i pretty much just sit on Solidworks all day modeling the rigs
  12. http://www.e-go.com.au/home.do;jsessionid=70CD5CBC97C6C4C80794E9253CA4A664 i used these guys to send a set of 19" rims and tyres from perth to victoria for $127, its even cheaper if you go depot to depot
  13. People listening to loud music

    i have to have music when driving because my new car is so quiet. it also has a factory 7 speaker system with sub that sounds really good at a moderate volume so there is no need to crank it right up
  14. People listening to loud music

    it sounds like crap when the number plate and other things vibrate on the outside of the car from the bass, normally happens on commodores
  15. email prestige motorsport about it, im always getting emails about importing cars from the US from them. the old school muscle cars are hot as