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  1. Club-House mix. Free download

    nice work downloading for soundclound
  2. Samsung Galaxy S III

    Samsung Galaxy S III launch event in Sydney
  3. TPG drop outs in VIc, anyone else getting hit?

    Line of Sight: 949 m Estimated Cable: 1518 m Estimated Attenuation: 21 Estimated Maximum Speed: 17666 details from modem: 979 / 14064 kbps
  4. TPG drop outs in VIc, anyone else getting hit?

    i have had tpg come out to my place 2 times and a telstra tech (on behald of tpg) and no1 knows why my connection drops out. I have replaced my modem (one of the lan ports failed), replaced the filter and phone cable from the phone to the filter and the modem & i still get drop outs. i now just restart the modem from my mobile if i cbf'ed getting up & live with it. factory resetting, firmware updates, iso test haven't fixed anything in my case. However i would advise you to atleast try it before calling tpg
  5. RB Parts!

    ordered parts on yesterday, go it today ... always the best service from Tarrick!!
  6. borrow z32 afm

    Thanks for the offer philmak, but antonioシ has allowed me to borrow his afm. Thanks antonioシ!!!!! enjoy those tickets
  7. borrow z32 afm

    pm sent
  8. borrow z32 afm

    Hi Guys/Gals, If anyone has a z32 afm that they arent using that i can borrow, please drop me a pm. My car got stuck in the xmas storms and I am now havings with it. Two free movie tickets to "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" plus another 2 free movie tickets to whoever allows me to borrow their afm.
  9. Rota Wheels Australia

    they werent, but are now
  10. Twin tip muffler catback s15

    check out this: www.REINHARD.com.au
  11. What do you use to download music?

    soundcloud has heaps of dj remixes from around the world

    greens14, do you drive around the back streets? i think i have seen your car on garden st in south yarra
  13. SR to Z32 g/box conversion

    ref to the following link for information about z32/RB gearbox swaps - LINK